Waffles are the Breakfast of the Gods

I heart waffles. I can never make *just* waffles either. I always gotta be dumping stuff in them. Waffles are probably best made from scratch, but more likely then not I’ll make mine with Bisquick. I have waffley needs that must be met in a very immediate fashion, and Bisquick is often the easiest solution. Well, making a quick run to Waffle House or IHOP is the easiest solution, really, but I’m also rather cheap, so that happens a lot less than one might think! Especially if it’s a weekend morning, and I intend to stay undressed for as long as possible.

So I did the usual “read the side of the Bisquick box and kinda follow directions” thing. I added in some chocolate chips (can’t really remember the last time I made waffles without adding chocolate chips) along with some crushed pecans. So I’ve had this pumpkin spice creamer I’ve been working my way through. And, the waffle recipe called for 1 1/3 cups of milk. So I’m all like “Time to replace this 1/3 cup of milk with creamer!” And then the waffles stuck all over the waffle iron.


That picture was taken after I’d grazed rather heavily on the collateral damage from the waffle incident. Batter sticking everywhere is a ginormous pain! I mean, how are you supposed to clean that kind of thing off? Disgruntledly it seems, or at least that’s how I did it. And it’s not like the pumpkin flavor was all that strong, either. Waffles were still delicious, of course. Can’t go wrong with chocolate chips and pecans, after all. But here’s my plan for next time: make pancakes instead of waffles (easier to clean up after in case of screwups), and add in some canned pumpkin along with the creamer. Yum!

Also yum: if you make waffles with chocolate chips + pecans, I highly recommend dumping a large quantity of chocolate ice cream on top, then topping with chocolate syrup. There’s been quite the cold weather lately, and I’ve been doing the best I can to combat it via a nice insulating layer of fat!

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