Super Easy Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies That Vaguely Resemble Brownies

So in the grand scheme of Putting Things Off Until After The Last Minute, I will write about pumpkin cookies now that Thanksgiving is officially over. Oops! But never fear, pumpkin items are meant to, nay demand to be enjoyed year-round, as often as possible.

My initial intent was to make some pumpkin spice cookies using pretty much the Easiest Recipe Ever, and then adding in ingredients at random to fulfill my gastronomic creative urges. However, I was missing half the ingredients (which is pretty bad when a recipe calls for only 2 ingredients): I had the can of pumpkin, but lacked the spice cake mix. I did, however, have a very reputable chocolate cake mix, and decided it was high time it integrated itself with some pumpkin. Chocolate cake mix, however, lacks the spice that could be the difference between mediocre and average pumpkin cookies, so I grabbed my pumpkin pie recipe and swiped the spice ingredients list from that.

Chocolate pumpkin cookie ingredients

So, along with the cake mix and can-o-pumpkin, I also used:

-1 tsp cinnamom
-1/2 tsp ginger
-1/4 tsp cloves

cake mix and pumpkin

One of these days I’d like to get an actual pumpkin and use it’s innards for baking. Not this time around, it seems, as that would likely negate the “Super Easy” part of this cooking adventure.

Anyhow, I stirred everything together until appropriately gooey.

Pumpkin chocolate mix

Somewhere around this point I was all like, “Needs more texture!” And I thusly dumped in about a handful of chocolate chips, and a little less then a handful of walnuts. Baked these babies for about 9 minutes at 360 degrees, and after being piled up they looked a lot like this!

Chocolate pumpkin cookies

They are delicious, especially when warm, and remind me of cake-like brownies (well, pumpkin-flavored brownies, though the chocolate definitely makes the pumpkin flavor more subtle). They, uh, look like the sort of cookies that cows tend to poop out, but lets just ignore that. Anyone who appreciates their chocolate desserts will recognize these babies for the delicious morsels that they are, and anyone who doesn’t is obviously not deserving of delicious chocolate pumpkin cookies!

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  1. Sharon November 30, 2010 2:21 pm

    I made this exact recipe for Thanksgiving brunch, only I did have the spice cake mix and I made them into mini muffins (they still weren't exactly pretty, but it took care of the cow-pie look). I even added a handful of chocolate chips in some of them. The batter was thick for muffins, but they tasted great. And any recipe that only has two ingredients goes to the top of my list!

    • ptocheia November 30, 2010 11:42 pm

      Yum! Mini muffins would definitely make them look better, too! I've been wanting to try making the spice cake version and putting cream cheese frosting on top.

  2. Becky October 8, 2011 8:28 pm

    So excited to send these to my sister. She is deployed and I'm always looking for cookies that can stand up to a week in the mail…here's hoping these do.

    • ptocheia October 9, 2011 12:41 am

      Awesome! They are super moist, so hopefully they’d make it in the mail!

  3. Laurenza Robinson January 18, 2017 2:05 am

    Wow, this looks really so yummy. I can't wait to taste it. It is making me crazy. I a so excited about this recipe. I will have to try this soon and obviously share my experience with you. Thank you so much for sharing this excellent recipe with us. Take care

  4. wella January 28, 2017 1:55 pm

    Such a mouth watering cookies, wow so yum to watch them in the picture itself. I just feel this as awesome one to prepare at home for my kids and hubby. I always visit blogs to get most of the recipes and prepare by own.