Miner Decadence Chocolates (Idaho Springs Trip Part I)

Fall is an exciting time of year for those of us that happen to be lucky enough to live in an area where the leaves turn funny colors. We headed up to Idaho Springs, CO, not too long ago, where the half of the trees that are Aspens are all yellow and the half of the trees that are Evergreens are, as ever, green. Aside from the foliage, we also perused the main street of this former mining town where, amongst other things, there were many shops where one might stuff oneself silly.

I got sucked into one shop because I saw soap with things in it (always a fascination to those of us that are easily amused), and was this close to buying some overpriced chocolate when I heard a little voice calling to me, saying “Wait, don’t buy from there. Buy from me, I’m really tasty!” So I followed the voice into this shop:

Miner Decadence

I am in love with this shop. Rarely do I see so much delicious chocolate in so small of a space. Two things that set Miner Decadence aside from your standard chocolate shop:

1.) It’s not fancy. For the most part, the chocolates are not dainty, and are heaped in piles of delicious piles on their plates. You can tell that there were no machines involved in the dipping of this chocolate. While I do enjoy me some fancy, flawless chocolate now and then, there’s something raw and visceral about tearing apart a big chocolate treat that looked to have only been hand-dipped yesterday.

2.) The chocolate is divided by type. There was a white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate section. So awesome!

Dark chocolate section

I love dark chocolate, and I seriously wanted to climb under the glass and gently hug each plate as I lovingly devoured it’s contents.

When I buy from a chocolate shop, my default is to get some combination of dark chocolate, nuts, and maybe caramel. So, usually chocolate covered cashews/almonds, or a turtle. However, I was feeling feisty due to some of the more interesting offerings, so I got a chocolate covered marshmallow. That description, however, does it no justice. How about a soft marshmallow laced with gooey peanut butter, handmade in that very store, drenched in dark chocolate and drizzled with a peanut butter garnish? It was amazingly good, and I highly recommend it. There were also 2-3 other flavors of chocolate covered marshmallow which also looked intriguing. They’re located in the center right of the above picture. I would have taken a closeup of the one I ate, but it’s sheer deliciousness might have cracked the lens so I decided not to risk it.

I also got a piece of chocolate covered shredded coconut, tasty enough but not quite as outstanding as the chocolate covered marshmallow:

Chocolate covered shredded coconut

Still, it hit that “chocolate and coconut” spot that had been itching, apparently. Drew got a chocolate truffle, which he deemed delicious, along with some other chocolate-related item that I’ve now forgotten, also likely deemed delicious. Possibly a chocolate fish. They had chocolate fish! As in, it looks like a fish, but is made of chocolate! Incredible! In any case, please please go here if you find yourself in Idaho Springs, CO, because it is totally worth it!

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  1. Wei-Wei November 1, 2010 1:32 am

    Oh, that looks heavenly… it really smashes that ideal of perfect chocolates, doesn’t it? What’s wrong with stuffing your face and getting it everywhere? :D


  2. Cheyenne Planck February 26, 2011 1:11 pm

    Hey if any of you are bad talking this restrant, you suck. the woman who owns this shop is my grandma so I care a lot about this shop because I pretty much know this shop inside and out!

  3. Not Cheyenne Planck March 7, 2011 2:23 pm

    Your comment makes no sense… Do some reading before you comment.

  4. stalb November 15, 2013 11:56 am

    We stopped here and happened to come across this wonderful shop too last Christmans/New Years. The Chocolate Covered Marshmallows are the most amazing decadence I have tasted. The chocolate covered caramels are wonderful too!! I loved the peppermint chocolate covered marshmallow.

    We actually ordered from the owner when we got home and the package came fast and the goodies were fresh and yummy!