Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Eggrolls, Delicious Even When Half Raw

So those eggrolls I made recently? Lots of wrappers left after the filling was all used up. Your average pack of eggroll wrappers can make far more eggrolls then my scrawny arms are capable of rolling in an evening. Conveniently, they store quite well in the freezer, ready to be taken out when the next great idea for fillings pops into one’s head. Like, say, chocolate and cheesecake.

I’d heard rumors of the deliciousness of cheesecake eggrolls, but had yet to try one myself. So, I figured it was high time to mix together everything that looks like it could possibly produce cheesecake and stuff them into some eggroll wrappers.

Gooey cheesecake filling

Yum! Just look at that …raw egg. Salmonellalicious! The basic cheesecake ingredients are all there, including the aforementioned egg, plus sugar, cream cheese, and chocolate chips for that bonus kick of tastiness.

Being overwhelmed by the delicious gooey thing I hoped to have in my mouth soon, I may have overlooked actually mixing everything together too well.

Unwrapped eggroll

Oh, chunks. Well, even if it had been all mixed together, there was still the fact that it’s rather a pain to roll into a concise tube something that insists on being mostly liquid! Tragically, the eggroll wrappers were not very good at their diaper duties, as you can tell by the leaks:

Leaky eggrolls

So, I just tried to move along as fast as I could, to prevent even greater spillage issues.

Frying in oil

First off, the length of time that one of these bad boys spends burbling in oil is apparently insufficient to properly cook the egg. Good thing my buddy Sal Monella wasn’t around this time! Seems the more proper way to do these things is to make the cheesecake beforehand, and *then* deep fry it. Oops!

Cheesecake eggrolls

The slightly raw nature of the egg did absolutely nothing to change the fact that these things tasted amazing. It was like a glorious cheesecake god was dissolving in my mouth, the sort of chunky god that is covered in little melty chocolate demons and is nestled in a crispy greasy sleeping bag. Yum! These things went so fast, and both Drew and I felt nauseous afterward. Nonetheless, it was totally worth it!

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One Comment

  1. Wei-Wei October 26, 2010 1:27 am

    Oh, my goodness, the genius of frying! O_O