The Awesomeness of Eggrolls

It is a rather well known fact that eggrolls are awesome. Can you really go wrong with tubes filled with things then fried in oil? Nope, you indeed can’t. I’ve never tried to make my own eggrolls before. And, being as adventurous as I am (or rather, lacking the common sense that other people that cook seem to possess) I decided to forge ahead after only the briefest glance at an actual recipe.

The first thing you need? Things to go inside the eggrolls. How convenient that my fridge had a rather nice spread of vegetables which, after being hacked to bits by my knife friend, looked like this:

Vegetable filling

OK, I kinda lied. I did have the premonition that something eggroll-like would be made, and went out and bought bean sprouts and a can of water chestnuts. Still, it was more motivated by “Hey, what would be both awesome and crispy right now?!?” then any serious meal planning here. Also in the mix are carrots, scallions, basil, garlic, ginger, ground peppercorns, and possibly either cilantro or spinach (if only I could remember!).

So, after a brief glance at the internets to see how one goes about wrapping up things in eggroll wrappers, I did so, sealing them with some beaten egg.

pre-fried eggrolls

Cute, aren’t they? You just kinda want to hug them. With your mouth. After being fried, that is. On a semi-related note, what a great pick-up line! “I want to hug you. With my mouth.” If you are both single and obnoxious, I highly recommend trying this. And feel free to switch out “mouth” with other things, if you are the sort of person that enjoys getting slapped by strangers.

Hey look, bubbly oil!

Eggrolls frying

Technically, this is best done with a deep fryer. However, I do not own a deep fryer. This is because I am a.) stingy and b.) afraid of the consequences of owning a deep fryer. Admittedly, I’ve really wanted to try battering and frying an ice cube for awhile now, just to satiate my curiosity. Deep fryers are slippery slopes though. You start off rather innocently making eggrolls, and then suddenly every item that slips in your mouth must have a crispy greasy exterior or it doesn’t taste good. And then your pants rip when you bend over. No good at all. In any case, a regular pot with sufficient oil added works quite well for frying eggrolls, just remember to flip them over and don’t let the oil level in the pot get too low.

Eggroll pile

They came out pretty good. I wasn’t completely pleased with the ingredients though – might serve me well to follow a recipe the next time. Drew, who doesn’t generally like eggrolls, thought these were pretty awesome, so I guess I did something right!

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