Seared Tuna with Messy Toppings Everywhere!

It is well known around these parts that, given the choice, I’d rather be eating sushi then pretty much anything else (this, despite the glut of pizza-related posts lately). And, from my experience, one round of sushi is never quite enough. I got the chance to spend a gift card (worth a whopping $5!) at Tokyo Joe’s, where I bought an 8-piece spicy tuna, which Drew and I split. There was also some Chick-fil-a involved in this impromptu lunch of coupon and gift card spending, but no amount of delicious chicken can quell the sadness of only eating 4 pieces of a spicy tuna roll. So, later that day, we hit the Sunflower Farmer’s Market and picked up a nice slab of tuna for dinner.

The tuna was about $10 a pound. This was very painful, as I am a cheap bastard. However, I forced myself to think about how far (or rather, how not far) $10 would get me buying tuna at a sushi bar, and decided that it could be a lot worse. I’d wanted to make straight up sushi with this tuna, but as a.) it was already after 7:00 pm and b.) I was feeling exceptionally whiny that night, I decided to just chop up a bunch of ingredients so we could make hand rolls.

So I seared the tuna and sliced that up, made some rice, sliced some cucumber, avocado, and scallions, dethawed some fish eggs, and mixed up some spicy mayo as Drew loves it so.

Hand roll ingredients

First off, the tuna was magical. Of course it was magical, it was seared tuna! I’ve never set out to make hand rolls before, and as a result I didn’t cut the seaweed quite large enough to support all of the toppings that wanted to be inside the rolls. Meaning ingredients were falling all over the place. Drew found the experience a bit traumatic, but I thought it was a delicious mess. Still, the aesthetic of neat little rolls was lacking, and while I’d totally do this again, I’d rather have an extra hour to work with so I could put the tuna into the proper sorts of rolls that it desperately wanted to be in!

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  1. Wei-Wei October 17, 2010 6:24 pm

    Mmmmm sushi! I’ve never had seared tuna before, but I think it sounds absolutely amazing.

    • ptocheia October 19, 2010 12:13 am

      It is amazing, I recommend trying it as soon as you can!