Freaking awesome Indian food from Yak & Yeti

Despite my prolific desires to cook everything and anything I hear about that sounds even remotely appetizing, it does not necessarily mean that others want to eat what I cook. Specifically, I speak of parents. Drew and I were both recently inundated with visits from parentals, and both visiting sets preferred to eat out rather then having me make them things. Which isn’t particularly unusual, as “being on vacation” and “eating out” are pretty interlinked. Which is fine, as I like eating out. Especially when it entails eating at delightful Indian restaurants that serve you about 4 times as much as you can eat in one sitting without getting ill.

Yes, Yak & Yeti is awesome. I’d been eyeballing the place for awhile now. Located about a mile from where Drew and I live, it resides in a fancy yellow building with colorful trim and flags festooning* the outside. It boasts Indian, Tibetan, and Nepalese cuisine, along with a British pub. They apparently have a fabulous beer selection, which I did not try at all as my stomach had other things in mind.

Not long after sitting down, our server brought us these babies:


These are papadum, a light crackery item, which I may or may not have tried before. They have a nice flavor to them, but primarily serve as the vehicle to get those four sauces into your mouth. I’m not completely sure what all of the sauces are – one involves yogurt, one might be a chutney, and one is brown and sweet and delicious.


It would be a tragic outing indeed to eat at an Indian restaurant without getting naan. Pictured above is the regular naan, and not pictured was the naan with raisins and spices. I am a sucker for sweet naans, and it turned out that everyone else we were eating with was as well, as the dessert naan did not last very long.

tandoori chicken makhmal

Ah, tandoori chicken. Talk about a big pile of meat. These little nuggets were flavorful and moist and succulent and everything a dead chicken should be. Highly recommended, and makes excellent leftovers.

veggie biryani

The above is biryani, AKA Indian fried rice. We got the veggie version to ensure we didn’t completely gorge on meat during this meal. I like the presentation – it’s aesthetically pleasing while still appearing like someone flipped over a bowl of rice onto a plate. I also approve of any rice product that involves raisins.

Tibetan noodles

Aaand we have Tibetan noodles (or, continuing the theme, Tibetan lo mein). It was pretty good, but was unfortunately shadowed a bit by the other dishes, mainly this one:

Lamb Korma

This is lamb korma. It is one of the most luscious and amazing things I have ever tasted. At the end of our meal, even though there was only one piece of meat left in it, I still scooped up all of the remaining sauce plus single meat bit into a to-go box and tried to make it last as long as possible over the next several days. I seriously just wanted to roll around in a giant bathtub full of this stuff, it was so good. I’d try to make some myself, but really, it would just make me want to go back to Yak & Yeti and eat the real thing. Highly recommended.

So as I mentioned, the entree portions were huge, and not helped by the bonus papadum plus naan. Once the four of us (Drew, myself, and a set of his parentals) finished making our teeny dent in the food, we left with 5 or so to-go boxes. And as that was his parents’ last night in town, guess who got to eat the leftovers for the entire next week. It was delicious, indeed.

*It’s really rare for me to have a good opportunity to use the word ‘festooning’, it’s a good word and could use more general usage.

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    Which isn’t particularly unusual, as “being on vacation” and “eating out” are pretty interlinked.

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