Excite your burger with roasted chili peppers!

There are roasted chili stands everywhere. Well, not “everywhere”, but it’s hard to go on any decent length of drive without seeing someone selling roasted chilis*. Not too long ago, we were at the Mile High Market where roasted chili stands were even more abundant. So I caved and bought some.

roasted peppers

Only $1! Being the wuss that I am, I got the mild peppers. As much as I’d really like to be able to handle spicy food, my mouth (and my gastrointestinal system, for that matter) get rather cranky if I go anywhere too far beyond the level of Taco Bell mild sauce. Sad but true. Anyhow, now that I had these peppers, what do I do with them? Put them on burgers, of course!

I figured I’d go with a sort of “Tex-Mex” burger theme, and used some Mexican farmer’s cheese to top the burgers.


Why yes, that *is* a lot of cheese on those patties! This is because my taste buds like supporting the dairy industry.

I love making home-made burgers, the problem is when too many ingredients want to get involved. Tomatoes are a must, and avocado is awesome on a burger as well.

roasted chili pepper burger

Very tasty! Excellent with BBQ sauce. One important thing to mention: the roasted chili peppers need to be rinsed in cold water, where you then rub their skin off. You can probably eat the skin, but as it’s mostly black and crispy, I’m not sure how good it would actually taste.

*Not to be confused with “Roasted Chile,” which probably happens every winter in the northern areas of the country.

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  1. Wei-Wei September 5, 2010 5:37 pm

    One thing I'd like to bring up – DON'T RINSE THE PEPPERS AFTER THEY ARE ROASTED! You'll wash away SO much of the flavour. One thing you can do is roast the chilis yourself on open flame (I just do it on my stovetop) until the entire things are black and wrinkly. Then you put it in a plastic bag, or in a big bowl covered with a dish, and the steam from the peppers will make it really easy for you to slide most of the skin off. There'll be a little left, but not that much. Try it! :) I roasted bell peppers once. So amazing.


    • ptocheia September 5, 2010 11:19 pm

      That's good to know! I'll have to try steaming my own some time, as they were very tasty!

  2. Chris September 7, 2010 9:37 am

    Do you mean when it’s winter in the US or in Chile? And which way does the water swirl when you Chile flush?

    • ptocheia September 7, 2010 9:23 pm

      Winter in Chile! Though I could mean winter in the US, I'd just have to redefine "north" to mean "south." And the water swirls downward, unless I am in an anti-gravity chamber!

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