Sushi Party Platters! Part I

Not too long ago, Drew and I went on a Grande Voyage to the East Coast, where we visited with various people. As it turns out, if you know how to make sushi, people like to have you around for their gatherings. This works out well for me, as I like to have people want me at their gatherings, and I rather like making sushi. So I got the opportunity to make sushi twice during our visit (along with getting to teach people how to make sushi), the first time at a friend’s house in Richmond, VA, for a party.

Sushi tubes + nigiri

I’m still iffy on the whole “tofu in sushi” idea. We got some prepared fried tofu for this. It soaked in a marinade of teriyaki sauce for about 30 minutes before we slapped in into some rolls and into some rice for tofu nigiri. It wasn’t *bad*, mind you, but I’d much rather be eating those egg omelet (tamago) nigiri!

Another great idea for sushi for vegetarian friends? Bacon. Well, bacon bits. If you’re a cheap ho like me, the bacon bits you buy are “bacon flavored”, and thus completely vegetarian! Conversely, you can also buy bacon bits with “vegetarian” or “vegan” written on the package and pay 2-3X the cost, it’s a decision I leave in the hands of you and your wallet. Anyhow, bacon bits work great for sprinkling on the outside of your rolls (well, the “rice on the outside” rolls, at least), and makes for some pretty speckled rolls. I’m sure it would also work great as a garnish sprinkled on top of rolls slathered with spicy mayo.

meat tray

We ended up with a meat tray and a veggie tray. The meat tray is pictured above, and it seems I completely forgot to take a picture of the veggie tray. Either that, or people ate it all before I could shove my camera at it.

See the bright red rolls on the lower right? There was a request for tuna rolls, but all of the tuna was entirely too expensive so we got salmon instead. I hate to disappoint however, so I added some red food dye to some salmon and Voila! Tuna rolls! Nuclear violent tuna rolls, by their looks (I was a little too generous with the food dye, and it really enjoyed leaking all over the rice).

The roll on the lower left has become one of my more favorite sorts of rolls to make, using a spread of spicy crab. This involves rolling a tiny roll with a single ingredient (avocado, egg, or just plain rice work well), and then using that roll as an ingredient in a second roll, which uses a generous layer of spicy crab. Multi-layers just look super fancy, and I certainly approve of super fancy.

Soon to come is part II, my sushi adventures at the Outer Banks!

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One Comment

  1. July 16, 2016 5:12 am

    I used to have 11 fingers until that fateful sushi party…*sniff*….