Guest Post: I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Recipes!

(This is the third in a series of guest posts by Julie)

Sometimes it’s just too hot to follow a recipe. The first recipe-less item I created was some cream cheese wontons. Just put a dab of cream cheese in the middle of a wonton, close it up ever so gently, and stick it on top of a think layer of hot oil. Don’t forget to flip! It is summer, and even wontons want an even tan. They were so good when fresh and less good after spending the night in the fridge. They only problem with making these wontons, is that you realize how unhealthy they are. Also, I heard that you should add green onions or even chocolate, (I suppose the possibilities are endless…) and after making them plain, I would definitely want to spice them up a little the next time around.

Cream cheese wontons

Then I tried to reinvent a recipe that I made probably ten years ago. I looked for any spice I had made me think of Indian food. They marched into formation to have their picture taken—

Indian seasonings

…and then they dumped themselves into a pan full of oil, onion and garden fresh tomatoes. Yum.

Tomatoes and onions

After a while, the chickpeas were invited to come join the party, where they soaked up all the fun until they made their pilgrimage to my hungry stomach. My next plan is to find some ghee and do it the right away. Though that may involve following a recipe…


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