Hitting the pause button for awhile

Dear Internet,

I’ve been underemployed for awhile now. Recently, however, I had the fortune (I think, at least) to go from being underemployed to being overemployed. At the moment, I’m working 40 hours a week for Job A, then coming home and doing work for Job B on the weekends and evenings. Occasionally Job C will raise it’s stressful head and have work for me as well. All of this is good for the wallet, but bad for free time.

In an ideal world, I would update this blog every 2-3 days. Realistically, I update it about twice a week. Lately, however, even once a week is a struggle. I’ve got too many things going on at the moment, so I’m hitting the pause button and taking a brief sabbatical from blogging until one of my jobs goes away. I’m anticipating a few weeks for this, but it could be less or more then that. In any case, I’m gone for a bit, but will definitely be back (I’ve got a backlog of sushi pictures to guarantee it). There may or may not be a guest blog post or two to tide you over, assuming I can convince certain interested parties to do so, but we shall see.

Anyhow, here’s a delicious (and highly recommended) bag of chips for your troubles:


Be back soon!


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