A Nice Healthy Fruit Salad, Chock Full of Marshmallow and Chocolate

First off, sorry for the two weeks of not posting, I’d intended to post while on vacation, but the Atlantic Ocean got the better of me. Anyhow, here’s to a higher posting frequency in the future!

I have always held the opinion that a fruit salad just isn’t a proper fruit salad without chocolate. I didn’t realize that this was a bizarre opinion to hold until I was an adult and had fruit salad conversations with people (since fruit salad is such an adult topic and all). See, I ate fruit salad on a very regular basis growing up, and my family’s fruit salad recipe involved both marshmallows and chocolate chips. Incidentally, it is also very tasty, and I recommend it.

fruit salad

These are the ingredients (using a fairly equal amount of each) I used in this particular instance of salad (listed from bottom of the bowl to top of the bowl when adding in layers):

Chocolate Chips

There’s a certain order to putting in ingredients – the apple goes on the bottom as it browns quickly. Having the citrus on top of the apple will aid in holding off the browning as long as possible. I believe that’s also the reason for the marshmallows and chocolate chips on top – they form a protective layer over the fruit. The idea is to wait until right before you serve it to mix up the salad.

Ideally, I would have put blueberries in this, but I was feeling poor. Cherries would work as well, and I bet mango would be tasty, too. And most other fruits, for that matter (though durian is debatable). I use this sort of as an “I want to make something interesting and have random fruit lying around” kind of recipe.

Here’s a super tasty closeup!


This could also be an efficient way of feeding kids who dislike fruit and like chocolate. Though, that could backfire and the kid will want chocolate in everything from then on. Then again, are there actually kids out there who don’t like fruit? Seems vegetables are more the culprit of yuck amongst kids. And while I really don’t recommend adding chocolate chips to broccoli or peas & carrots, I suppose I shouldn’t knock it ’till I’ve tried it?

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  1. bestessay October 13, 2017 6:16 am

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