Chocolate Pecan Caramel Apple

There are two types of caramel apples in this world, those that can be eaten on a stick and those that can’t. Well, plus that middle ground of caramel apples that *can* be eaten on a stick, but are more easily eaten with a fork and knife. Plus the fact that the higher the age of the eater of the apple, the less likely said eater will be eating it straight off the stick. I personally find it inefficient to eat any caramel apple off of a stick – the first several bites have too much caramel and not enough apple, causing an imbalance later on. I prefer to hack it up with a knife beforehand to ensure that perfect ratio of caramel to apple. In any case, I recant my initial statement; there is only one type of caramel apple in the world, the type that involves an apple, covered in caramel, with a stick inserted in it.

There are all sorts of variations to the caramel apple. One is the candy apple, and I will ignore those who say that candy apples are the better of the two – the candy makes it impossible to bite into, and the flavor and texture of the hard sugar coating are far inferior to those of delicious caramel. One of the more common caramel apple varieties is the sort covered in peanuts; they’re generally everywhere at county and state fairs, and are quite tasty indeed. At higher-end and homemade candy shops, you’ll see all sorts of crazily-covered apples. I’ve not had the pleasure of trying one of these more glamorous sorts of apples until this past weekend, as it’s generally hard for me to justify dropping over $5 on an apple.

I found myself in the Atlanta airport with a free food voucher and no need for actual dinner. There was a Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory nearby (Concourse C, for anyone who cares), with a vast selection of covered apples. I chose the most decadent of the selection:

chocolate caramel apple

This apple is coated in caramel, then pecans, then white chocolate, then dark chocolate. It was amazing. It also took me three different sittings to eat it in. It also cost me $7.00, or rather, cost the voucher $7. Totally worth it! One of these days, I need to stab a stick in an apple and make my own.

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