My Sushi Kick Continues: Tamago (egg) Madness!

I should probably accept the fact that my tamago (egg omelet) will never look perfect. Creating those fabulous rectangular pieces of egg with the rounded edges, the ones that perch delightfully atop a mound of rice in those scant few seconds before you stuff it down your gaping maw, requires a rectangular pan, whereas I only have your standard round one. Technically, you’re supposed to roll up your egg omelet with chopsticks as well, but I’m still puttering along with ye olde spatula. Still, I’m making progress, and even if I mess up and it all falls apart, it still tastes good, which is really the important part here.

tamago in pan

Making tamago involves rolling up super-thin layers of egg + ingredients until you have a delicious egg log. I’m still trying to find that sweet spot between “egg is too cooked and now there’s just flappy layers rather then a log entity” and “it’s too gooey and all falls apart when I try to roll it up.” If the former happens, you can totally take advantage of it my unwrapping the layers and rolling sushi up in it instead of (or in addition to) seaweed.

tamago tube

I lucked out this time around, and the tamago tube held together pretty well. I used three eggs, and I think four might be the ideal number for a really decent sized piece of nigiri, though three also works well enough. Two eggs would be good for anorexic nigiri, however.

tamago nigiri

Hooray! My first successful tamago nigiri using tamago cross-sections! You can see that the layers are a little flaky, but I suppose that’s why the very supportive nori is there.

So if your egg falls apart completely? Do not despair! When all else fails, you can just stuff your tamago bits inside some of these babies:

happy onigiri

Yay for onigiri, they are so happy. But then again, if I was stuffed full of tamago (and avocado), I might be just as happy as they are!

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One Comment

  1. scribendi review August 24, 2017 12:34 am

    I like the way this lady accepts her imperfections and needs for improvement in her cooking activities. The recipe of these tomagos is quite easy. The only skill required in this is to make the shape of these tomagos perfect which does not happen most of the time.