Pi Day: Chocolate Pecan Pie

So for all of you in the know, this past Sunday was Pi Day (of the 3.14 variety). And now all of you *are* in the know, hooray! I was ill prepared for it, and did not have a pie (or a post about pie, for that matter) ready. So, Sunday evening, I decided to remedy that “lacking a pie” thing, and went about making this chocolate pecan pie recipe from allrecipes.com.

I followed the recipe pretty strictly, except for one thing: I had no unsweetened baking chocolate. So I improvised, dumping some semi-sweet chocolate chips plus baking powder in instead. The recipe was super easy to do, it essentially involved heating up your butter and chocolate in a pan, and then mixing everything together in a bowl. To warn you, the cup of corn syrup made my blood stream twitch before I even tasted the batter. Hoo boy was the corn lobby pleased with this recipe, though! Well, and the 6 year old trapped inside of me that still wants Sugar Death despite my twitchy bloodstream.

Anyhow, here’s the pie pre-baked:

chocolate pecan pie before baking

And here’s the pie post-baked:

chocolate pecan pie after baking

This pie is seriously hardcore. It’s perfect eaten hot, and it matters not that it will fall completely to pieces because they are delicious gooey pieces. Really, the best kind of pies are the ones that don’t hold their shape, because their deliciousness is too explosive to ever be capable of such mundane things as maintaining a solid form. This pie is super heavy and super sweet, so don’t down half of it for breakfast (unless you really enjoy late morning sugar crashes, that is).

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  1. check over here August 22, 2017 12:15 am

    Chocolate pecan pie has always been the recipe that I have always wanted to eat in desert after having a good meal. There is really something special about the taste of this pie.


  2. Jaclyn S. Jones September 16, 2017 1:59 pm

    This pie is looking delicious and chocolaty as well. I am just fond of a lot of deserts and chocolate desert are one of my favorite. Could you please tell me about best writing service and that you have added the coffee beans in the pie. As before baking image is showing something like same.