Whereupon I Get Creative and Pile Random Things Together

Sometimes I have ingredients in my fridge that don’t seem to coalesce in my head to anything I’ve ever actually made before, but they look tasty and convince me that they’d like to hang out together on a plate. Or I’m hungry for something, but it’s one of those hungers that does not know the boundaries of time, as it seems that I crave something I’ve never even tried before. Or maybe I think I can recreate something I’ve tried, once, and have forgotten several of the ingredients of (and lack other ingredients as well).

In any case, one or more of the above occurred, and this was the result:

weird pile of stuff

See, once upon a time I was in Peru, and I ate this thing that involved potatoes and avocado. It may have involved chicken, but I don’t really remember now. Anyhow, I had chicken, potato, and avocado sitting around in my fridge, and they all seemed like ingredients that would taste good to eat. So I dumped them all into a pile. Pile needed flavor, and mustard seemed the way to go. And the obligatory peppercorns, of course. It tasted…pretty much exactly how you would expect all those ingredients together to taste. I mean, it wasn’t bad. These are all ingredients that I enjoy, and the combination of them filled my stomach in that way that dinners are supposed to. However, his dish didn’t reach out and grab me and scream at me to make it on a weekly basis for the rest of my life because it was so dang delicious. Then again, it still tasted better then a few things I’ve made from actual recipes.

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One Comment

  1. Zane Langdon October 3, 2017 6:29 am

    When you are hungry, at this time, even the food that does not appeal to you at all and is considered completely tasteless by you appears so delicious. You often make the strange combination of ingredients and still enjoy them.
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