Chorizo Burgers

So I recently mentioned having used some leftover chorizo for spaghetti sauce. Said chorizo (AKA seasoned ground pork) was leftover from making some delectable chorizo burgers!

First off, to satiate your undying curiosity, here is how the chorizo looked pre-ripping-open-of-package:

raw chorizo

$.97/lb is a glorious price for such a thing.

So, making burgers from chorizo seems pretty much the same as making burgers from ground beef, minus one step – not having to add in the seasoning, as it’s already seasoned. Woohoo! This is bizarrely significant to me. See, I have this bad tendency to have my ground meat be not completely thawed when I start mashing in the worchestershire sauce, peppercorns, other misc. seasonings, etc.. Meaning that my bony little hands are mashing these seasonings into ice-cold meats. Trust me, it’s quite chilly and unpleasant! Anyhow, I got to avoid that pesky step, and could jump straight to the “forming into patties and frying” stage.

I wasn’t sure how long to fry the chorizo. The coloration was a bit redder then ground beef, meaning I was never sure when it was no longer raw. In time however, the red faded to a brownish-red, and the patties looked more like “delicious thing I want in my mouth” and less like “pig in a blender.”

chorizo patty

I topped off the burgers with some mild cheddar cheese, and put my burger onto a poppyseed bun with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and mayo. Or rather, Miracle Whip, as I find it’s slightly tangy flavor much more exciting then your run of the mill mayonnaise. The burger was quite tall, so I smashed it down with my hand and promptly consumed it.

chorizo burger

It was delightful. The next time I catch chorizo on sale, I’m going to have to get more. It’s got a nice spicy flavor that mingles nicely with a hefty dose of avocado plus cheddar, and in general works quite well in burger form.

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