Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Breckenridge, Co

For the last several days, about 1/2 of all of the food that I’ve eaten could easily be placed in the category of “dessert.” This is a combination of everyone who buys me presents knowing that I like chocolate and many people that I visit disliking having bunches of junk food around after a gathering, and hence dumping it all onto Drew and I. Which I’m fine with, as I like free food. Self-control, however, is something else. Thus, my New Year’s resolution is to not gain too much weight this year. I like keeping my goals realistic.

In any case, a little while back, Drew and I ventured with his aunt and cousin up to Breckenridge. This was a pre-snow trip, more for touring the town then anything else. Lots of overpriced stores were to be found, along with a nice range of places to stuff your face at. One such place was Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

I have mixed feelings about purchasing cookies from stores. I’ve been burned too many times by Starbucks-type places, where the “meant to be dipped in coffee” argument is a thin excuse indeed for dry and boring cookies. I require soft cookies (for most cookie varieties, at least), and sometimes it’s hard to tell just by looking at the cookies as to how soft or hard they will be. I was not disappointed at Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

Mary's mountain cookies

There were a range of cookies to choose from, all large and soft-looking. The ones on the right in that picture were what I immediately gravitated towards – cookie sandwiches, filled with frosting. There were many varieties to choose from, and Drew and I ended up splitting a cookie sandwich consisting of two chocolate chip cookies with chocolate frosting in the middle. The cookie sandwich was soft and magical and delicious. And, even better, it didn’t do that thing where the icing is super-sugary. In my old age I’ve been having more difficulty eating super sugary things, so it gives me one more thing to complain about when I eat something that causes my veins to start pulsing with sugar in a rather unpleasant and twitchy way.

Here’s an action shot of Drew chewing on the gooey cookie:

Drew eating a cookie

The next time I find myself in Breckenridge, I shall definitely return to Mary’s Mountain Cookies and gorge on more chocolatey soft deliciousness.

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  1. Jarita June 2, 2016 4:36 am

    Thanks for this sending this cookies recipe, Mary’s Mountain Cookies. I will try to make this for my new family. In this weekend, I will try to make this. We will eat this with plunger press coffee. :)

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