Avocado goodness, BBQ, and Burgers

I recently got back from a looong drive from Denver to Nashville and back, and while I don’t have pictures, I do have words (just a brief few).

First of all, if you are ever in Illinois, Iowa, or Missouri, and you like barbecue, you should check out Bandanas BBQ. There’s at least one off of I-70 a bit west of St Louis, which is the one we ate at. We both got the pulled pork sandwich with a side of green beans. Five sauces to choose from (my favorites were the KC style and St. Louis style), and the meat was luscious and flavorful. The green beans were also excellent, with just enough salt added. I had a recent experience at Texas Roadhouse where the green beans would have been great were it not for the extreme amounts of salt the kitchen had decided to dump on them. Too much salt in the food might be one of my biggest pet peeves about eating out, and American food restaurants seem to do it the most. In any case, Bandana’s BBQ was awesome.

And, the burgers. It seems that, if I’m traveling with Drew, we will inevitably eat burgers at some point. He is obsessed with Steak and Shake, and so of course we ate there. They have a nice 50’s style ambiance, and the burgers are pretty good. Decent variety of milkshakes, which I pretty much always get as I am a sucker for dairy products loaded with chocolate. The fries are a little too skinny, and, incidentally, a little too salty for my tastes. Most fries that I get from restaurants are too salty for me, actually, but it doesn’t matter too much as I generally dump half of them onto Drew to eat anyhow.

Oh, and how’s this for haute cuisine: I shall now review a Burger King double cheeseburger. See, it only costs a buck. This is very useful for those of us who are poor. Drew’s current tendency for cheap fast food is to occasionally impulse buy a mcdouble from McDonalds. Now, I’d read that many franchises are not particularly happy with this particular promotion, as they’re actually losing money on the double cheeseburgers. This, of course, made me curious to try them. So, at some point when I’m attempting to sleep poorly in the back of the car, Drew goes and buys a few of these babies for a late breakfast. They’re very succulent, with similar flavoring to a Whopper but without the added mayonnaise that I always forget to ask them to hold. Mayo has it’s uses, but should not exist on a burger when ketchup and mustard are far more appropriate. To compare it to a mcdouble, the Burger King double cheeseburger has more meat, that extra slice of cheese, and sesame seeds on the bun. Contrary to what Mitch Hedburg thought, I would totally notice and be sad if sesame seeds up and went away. In any case, until the promotion ends at least, I think our new occasional impulse fast food item will be the BK double cheeseburger.

And, on a final note, I have made a flash video entry for the Avodesiac video contest. I’ve never made a video in Flash before, so it’s a bit choppy. In any case, voting starts in a week, whereupon I will probably pimp the link again in hopes that people will go and vote on it so I can win $$$!

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  1. superiorpaper July 19, 2017 11:13 am

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