Kokoro plus a bonus Twilight chocolate critique!

I continue to curse myself for my unfortunate trend of eating somewhere and neglecting to bring my camera with me. Most notable in this is my visit a few days ago to Kokoro. This is a local Denver chain of Japanese fast food. This makes me happy, as I remember several years ago sitting around and fantasizing about eating cheap and easily accessible Japanese food that was not a.) grocery store sushi or b.) ramen. Well, here it is!

Kokoro is a cheaper sit-down restaurant, I got an unagi bowl with white rice and steamed vegetables and at $7.50, it was one of the highest priced items. Their food items seem to range from ricey piles to noodley piles to tubes. Did not try the sushi, but figured that I’d better not, having just eaten at the most delicious sushi place ever a few days before. Anyhow, what I got was refreshing and tasty, and if I had actually bothered to bring my camera with me, I would have a picture to display of it.

I shall not disappoint with an utter lack of pictures, however. Check out these babies!

twilight chocolates

See, I am a sucker (haha, get it, sucker!) for Halloween candy. Or rather, for Halloween candy on Nov 1st and after. Unfortunately, grocery stores are wising up to the fact that many of us buy gobs of discount candy after holidays. So, perusing the shelves at the local King Soopers not too long after Halloween, I noticed two disconcerting things. First, it was only the cheap candy that was reduced as low as 50%, i.e. the Brachs type candy, the chewy pumpkins, the monster munny. The rest of the stuff (like those luscious Reeses Pumpkins) were still higher then I preferred to pay. Also, things like the Reeses Pumpkins were not the norm – the packaging on much of the candy was not Halloween-themed at all, and was more just your typical fun-size candy. Too bad for me, but better for the store I suppose as once the post-Halloween sales are done with, they can just dump those babies back in the regular candy aisle.

As they were 50% off, I decided to go with some Twilight chocolates. They are just your standard too-sweet milk chocolate filled with death-by-sugar cream filling. I know it’s because I’m slowly becoming an old geezer, but death-by-sugar is rough for me. It’s a shame, in fact, that Cadbury chocolate sold in the US is a different formula then that which is sold overseas, since I much prefer the emphasis in my chocolate to be on the milk or the cocoa, rather then the sugar. Well, not that it doesn’t stop me from eating crappy chocolate (the Monster Munny I’ve also been downing lately can attest to that), but I still like complaining about it.

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