Chai tea smoothies with boba are entirely too delicious for my own good

Since having acquired insta-boba, I’ve had an increased desire to make bubble tea smoothies. The instant-style boba takes five minutes max on the stove before they’re soft and squishy and all sorts of other adjectives desirable for boba to possess. (All this while my “thirty+ minutes to cook” boba sit stoically in the cabinet, awaiting a day when I possess more foresight). Anyhow, I recently purchased some chai tea packets. Or thai tea packets, they seem to be used interchangeably.

Chai/thai tea packet

These things are wondrous. First off, they allow me to drink chai tea without having to pay $2-$3 a pop from a shop. Second, they already include all the things that would otherwise cause making it tasty to be super-complicated for me. I.E. the cream and sugar is included. This allows me to make boba tea smoothies from these things super easy as well. I struggled with the proportions for making taro tea not too long ago, lacking the sucrose and the non-dairy creamer, resorting to dumping in vast amounts of sugar and milk (no non-dairy for me, thank you!) in a haphazard fashion to get my desperately craved taro bubble tea smoothie. It eventually worked, at least, but I feared having to begin the process anew with the chai tea. No need, though. I just dumped in a packet (or two packets, for those of us who like ginormous smoothies) plus some hot water to dissolve, and blended it up. Once that was done, I added in a respectable amount of ice, wherein ‘respectable’ means enough to make it slushy but not so much as to dilute it, so around 4-5 cubes.

chai bubble tea

The result? So freaking good! Totally worth the almost 400 calories!

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  1. Tracie June 5, 2011 11:14 pm

    That looks yummy! I've been experimenting with Chai lately too, although I think Thai tea is a little different. Haven't tried a smoothie version of either though. What I'm curious about is boba. What is that? You mentioned bubble tea, but if they are the bubbles, don't they disappear with the blending? Very curious!

    • ptocheia June 6, 2011 12:14 am

      Bobas are actually giant tapioca balls! They’re added in after the smoothie’s been blended together, so they don’t get chopped up at all. Super chewy, and fun to eat! Also, apparently this kind of tea is totally Thai tea and not what’s meant by “chai tea” (I just did a Google search since I’ve totally been using the two words interchangeably). Though, since chai literally means “tea”, I can still sorta pretend that I’m correct anyhow!

  2. sdtyuiop April 5, 2012 7:44 pm

    non-asians. LOL.

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