Improv Jamaican Curry

Sometimes I’ll dump a bunch of items into a pan, push then around for awhile, and it will taste magical. Unfortunately, the actions it takes to make this magic happen are identical to the actions it takes to make something taste like utter crap. I’d say that the most significant action that unites these two very divergent outcomes is the action known as “not bothering to use a recipe”.

See, there was this jar of Jamaican curry paste just sitting around. I’d never eaten Jamaican curry before, much less cooked with Jamaican curry paste, so I figured it was high time to get that experience under my belt (literally, cause it’d go to my stomach, hah!). First, I fried some chopped up tilapia in a pan with some oil. I chopped up some vegetables – nothing I had actually gotten for this purpose, mind you, just whatever was lying around that seemed to really want to hang out in a pan with some tilapia. Specifically, tomato, spinach, and edamame (a.k.a. delicious soybeans).

I love edamame, they are rather tasty by themselves with a little salt and make an awesome snack. I have not previously cooked with them before though, and apparently figured it was high time I started doing so. And thus, into the pan they went. At some point during the vegetable-adding I added the Jamaican curry paste, along with a chunk of lime juice and some milk. Coconut milk would have been more appropriate, but 2% regular milk was what I had, so 2% regular milk was what it got. Near the end, I also stirred in a bit of cornstarch for thickness. I suspect some peppercorns might have snuck in there as well, as peppercorns are apt to do.

Jamaican Curry

So it got served on rice, and was dubbed delicious by all. I think the edamame added a bit of solid texture to what would otherwise have been a mushy dish, which helped out as well. On a final note, one thing that’s incredibly useful about keeping a food blog is that, several months from now, when I’m all like “Hmm, I’d like to make some Jamaican curry again!”, I’ll actually know how to make it, rather then making a vain attempt to reproduce it, with the result tasting like, well, utter crap.

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One Comment

  1. essayshark price May 30, 2017 7:15 am

    There is really something special about the taste of this Jamaican curry from the way you are telling to make it. I was using another way to make it. But this has been way better than mine.