A Visit to Pizza Madness in Canon City, Co

In the not too distant past, I found myself in Canon City, Co., touring a prison museum. And let me tell you, nothing will work me up an appetite like learning about gang signs and makeshift shivs. We ended up at a restaurant called Pizza Madness. The interior of Pizza Madness was spacious, with high ceilings and decor that was nothing short of magical. Well, magical in the “wacky sculptures emerging from the wall” sense. I mean, just check out these aliens!


The prices were very reasonable. Drew got a turkey sub and I got a calzone, and we ended up swapping halves for nutritional and culinary diversity. The sub was good for the price (just under $6 for an 8 inch), though nonetheless was your standard deli meat + iceberg + mustardayonnaise. Still, it was satisfying enough. I was rather pleased with the calzone. First off, it came with a monumental quantity of marinara sauce. See, marinara sauce is intrinsic to the proper enjoyment of a calzone, and there are entirely too many eating establishments that do not grasp this simple fact. Mind you, it’s always possible to order some on the side at least. What really made the calzone joyous, though, was the volume of cheese. It was like someone covered a mozzarella cheese wheel in dough and baked it. A proper calzone should leave you constipated for at least a week.


Despite the fact that we visited a pizza place, we did not actually eat any pizza. Our companions did, however, and could vouch for it being quite tasty. I don’t remember their exact order, but according to the picture, it appears they got a pepperoni pizza with bonus meat shoveled on top. Bet that slid down quite well!

meaty pizza

So if you find yourself in Canon City, Co, I highly recommend checking out Pizza Madness. Get a calzone and guard it carefully against the hungry aliens!

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