Homemade barbecue that simmers for a painfully long time

Up until about a month or so ago, I had never used a crock pot. This is because the idea of beginning to cook something and having to wait at least half the day to eat it is a terrifying concept for me. Ah, the joys of instant gratification. So I have discovered that it helps if you have no idea whatsoever if what you are cooking will taste even remotely good.

I decided to make barbecue, using a rather large chunk of beef. I could have been a lazy bastard and just dumped a bunch of barbecue sauce on top of the meat and let that sit for awhile, but no, that cursed ambition came back to haunt me, as it always does. I used this recipe as a jumping off point. And by “jumping off point”, I mean “I was missing a few ingredients, and I decided to randomly dump in other crap that I thought might make barbecue more ‘barbecuey'”. Lets see, I used apple cider vinegar, was completely lacking on Worchestershire sauce so I used a bit of soy sauce instead, left out the onion soup mix altogether and added some green onions along with onion powder to compensate. I may have put in too much or too little ketchup: I used up the bottle and only discovered a bit later the extra bottle in the pantry, and didn’t even bother to measure, squirting away with abandon at that point. I squirted in a lime as well as some chipotle sauce and a whole lotta peppercorns. I also added bonus garlic by adding some chopped fresh garlic along with the powder. There may or may not have been some mystery seasoning salt added at some point, as well.

Anyhow, it sat all day long, and near the end I started testing it and decided it was delicious. Then I began the painful process of hacking off all of the wee bits of flab and shredding the meat, which was worth the effort because it allowed saucy deliciousness to permeate as much surface area of the meat as possible.

barbecue with zucchini

So we ate these, sloppily, on burger buns with provolone, pico de gallo, and avocado, with grilled zucchini on the side. It was greasy and magical and I definitely look forward to making barbecue again! Next time I might not even bother to pretend like I’m following a recipe, just to add to the excitement of it all!

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