Beefy burgers and tofu burgers from the grill, and why there’s nothing wrong with eating both

So I’m trying to enjoy this grill for as long as I can before a bunch of snow gets dumped on top of it. See, before I came out to Colorado I’d heard it was crazy dry here and that I’d need to bring multiple gallons of lotion with me just to keep my skin from flaking off completely from the dry. However, it’s rained more days then not. It isn’t quite as bad as it gets in Virginia, but it’s still pretty dang rainy at times. According to locals, this is highly abnormal and usually everything is brown and crackly by now. In any case, if this whole ‘abnormally large amounts of moisture’ thing continues into the fall, it will turn into ‘abnormally large amounts of snow’. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you. But in any case, I digress from the original topic, which was to be delicious burgers.

Ahh, burgers. They are so magical and good. I’ve been experimenting with squishing various things into the burgers before grilling them, including barbecue, various spicy things, garlic, and seasonings grabbed at random. Everything has turned out rather tasty, especially when there’s been barbecue involved.

burger + zucchini

By the way, this is how much greenery should be on a burger, IMHO. I am not down with all of the gajillion burger places out there that will give you a piddly amount of tomatoes, or will claim to have an avocado-related burger only to have it come with two teensy pieces (I’m looking at you for that one, Ruby Tuesday). I believe in slabs of meat with salads dumped on top, as it is delicious and refreshing.

I also believe in slabs of tofu with salads dumped on top.

tofu burger

I got kinda sick of so much beef at some point and decided to experiment with tofu on the grill. You’ve got to let it sit a bit longer then the ground beef, just to let a lot of the moisture grill out of it so it gets a bit tougher. After one weird attempt, I decided that you definitely need to stick with firm tofu, as medium just doesn’t cut it. Firm has the tendency to feel like you’re eating a giant slice of cheese (which is fabulous for those of us that like cheese), whereas the medium tofu just seemed a bit awkward being in a burger. I got the distinct impression that the medium tofu would have been much happier slithering out of the burger and into a nice bowl of miso soup or something. I, for one, am glad it did not do that, as my burger would have been left quite empty. That, and the fact that I’d been marinading these babies in barbecue sauce, and I’m just not sure how good miso soup with barbecue sauce would taste.

Everything cooked on the grill looks so pretty, too!

tofu patties

And on a final note, I would like to point out the fact that there is nothing wrong with being both a tofu eater and a meat eater. See, I’ve had multiple people see me eat non-meat meals and automatically assume that I was a vegetarian based off of that. (I’ve also had people just look at me and assume I was a vegetarian, go figure that one out). Then, I’ll have people who know I eat meat be confused when I eat soy products. And to me, this is a really weird thing. I was talking about this with Drew, and he thinks it’s the tendency of people to attach ideology to foodstuffs. So, if someone saw that I was eating a tofu burger, they might try to make a bunch of assumptions about what sort of person I am, assumptions very different then the ones they would make if I were plowing through a large hunk of beef. For me, though, what I eat is based on balancing my need to seek out novelty + my need to seek out tasty things + my need to be healthy. And, according to gobs of nutritionists, you’re not supposed to eat large amounts of meat. What better way to deal with this than to expand your protein sources to include soy based things like tofu as well?

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  1. rush-my-essay June 8, 2017 7:06 pm

    You are always here with something new and delicious all the time which has been an attraction for me. I have never been able to try this tufu burger which seems to be healthy.