$2 Futomaki Rolls from the Seoul Oriental Grocery Market

So, I’m a bit poor right now. I can only blame this fact on that whole “not having a job” thing. Being poor comes in direct conflict with the fact that I really enjoy eating sushi as frequently as possible. And while sushi isn’t the most expensive thing out there, it’s not exactly the cheapest, either. I could make sushi, but all of my sushi-making things are back in Richmond. Once upon a time I could indulge in Ukrops sushi when I really needed a quick fix, but Colorado Springs is strongly lacking in Ukrops. So far, the only sushi I’ve seen in grocery stores has been from Safeway. Now, I haven’t tried this Safeway sushi, but the problem is that it looks less like sushi and more like a fluffy white sponge tube that some random ingredients crawled into and fell asleep. See, when you make sushi, the rice is supposed to be sticky, not spongy. It looks how I’d expect Walmart sushi to look, if Walmart sold sushi. I wish they did, just to have a point of comparison. They could make it with spam or something, it would be fabulous. And by “fabulous”, I probably mean “spongy”.

Even if it doesn’t have a Ukrops, Colorado does have something I greatly appreciate: a vast number of Asian grocery stores. They each seem to have something unique, and the one I’ve visited the most so far is the Seoul Oriental Grocery Market. It’s your standard smallish Asian grocery store, with the exceptional addition of having had $2 futomaki rolls every time I’ve visited there. They contain tofu, egg, pickled radish, carrot, and cucumber, and come in tube form wrapped in saran wrap, with eight to ten pieces per tube. They’re not exactly gourmet sushi or anything, but for $2 they’re pretty freaking awesome. The fresh fruit/veggies selection isn’t too big, but I did get this rather luscious peach there as well.

futomaki rolls from seoul oriental grocery market in colorado springs

So I’ve been there three times so far, and each time have gotten one of these babies! I’ve made it to a few other Asian grocery stores around the area, which I’ll catalogue here as well. There’s a Filipino grocery store diagonal from the Seoul store in the same shopping center, a tad bit smaller but a nice selection of plants and such (plantains, taro root, etc). Across the street is the Saigon Oriental Market. It was dark and empty when I went in, but the selection of fresh vegetables was decent, and there were even pre-wrapped pho making kits with all of your basil and meat and such wrapped up. Still need to get one of those to see how they work out. The guy working there was super helpful as well.

Finally, there is the behemoth grocery store. Asian Pacific Market is bigger then some regular grocery stores I’ve been in. There’s a large fresh section, large frozen section, actually there are just large sections of everything. I got some Taro milk tea mix and have been making some pseudo-bobaless-boba-tea with that (I substituted a few ingredients, and have been too lazy to boil the boba for however long it takes, it’s still pretty tasty, though). There’s also a cooked food cafe area which was closed when we went there, but I am looking forward to the day we return to this grocery store and get to see what all selection they have there as well. In conclusion, I like Asian grocery stores.

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  1. jack.kevin May 10, 2016 12:09 am

    Futomaki is the "fat kid" of the pay for homework online maki move lineup coming in at 2 to 2 1/2 inches in measurement and containing 4 or more fixings.