Charlie’s Pit Bar-B-Que in Manitou Springs, CO

The exciting thing about (or the problem with, depending on your half full/half empty choice of philosophy) moving to a new location is that you have no idea whatsoever if any of the food places near you are delicious or awful. You just don’t know, unless you get a recommendation from someone, take the time to research places on the internet, or simply take a stab in the dark. And by ‘stab’ I mean ‘walk into’, and by ‘dark’ I mean ‘restaurant’. In any case, we recently found ourselves in Manitou Springs, which is a neat little town at the foot of Pikes Peak. Lots of shopping and restaurants and so forth, sort of split between being a tourist area and being a hippie town. Anyhow, we’re hungry for some delicious lunch, and decide to eat at Charlie’s Pit Bar-B-Que based on the fact that it was the first place we saw. Well, technically we walked a little further, looked at some menu prices at Random Place #2, and decided that $6something for barbecue was better then $8something for sandwiches that just didn’t sound all that impressive.

So I got a platter ‘o food. Mine consisted of pulled pork on a bun globbed with bbq sauce, green beans, and baked beans. I figured this way that, even if the food didn’t turn out all that good, at least I’d be nice and gassy for awhile afterwards. In any case, this was not to be a worry at all, as the food was quite delightful.

Charlies pit bbq

The bbq sauce was thick and sweet and quite flavorful. It was heaped onto my sandwich a wee bit too generously, but as my complaint about barbecue places is often that their sauce portions are not generous enough, I couldn’t possibly complain about this without being completely ridiculous. We ended up getting a quart of sauce to go, which came in a giant mason jar and which we are still working our way through. It’s got the sort of consistency that makes it excellent for dipping things into.

The sides were decent, as well. The green beans were your standard decently flavored canned beans. The baked beans were made using the barbecue sauce, which gave them an extra sweetness that I appreciated. Drew got fries with his meal, and I was obliged to mooch off of him. They were definitely of the ‘made from sliced potatoes’ variety, not the ‘made from ground up potatoes that were reformed into fry shapes’ variety. Mind you, I appreciate both varieties, but I just don’t see the non-processed fries nearly as often and I have a definite taste for them.

Anyhow, I definitely recommend hitting up Charlie’s if you’re in the Manitou area and have a craving for sweet sweet delicious sauces.

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