Grilled Chicken and Zucchini, Doused with Burninating

So I’ve been greatly enjoying this whole ‘grill’ thing. First off, all you do is turn a knob, and a fire appears! Yay! Which, uh, is pretty similar to a gas stove, I suppose. Then again, I’m pretty excited by gas stoves as well. Secondly, there is a certain magical aesthetic to eating food that is covered in lines. If I ever get stuck on a desert island with nothing but a grill and a bunch of wide, flat pieces of meat and vegetable, I can document my stay there by grilling everything and writing on the lines with a piece of charcoal or something. Of course, then I’d have to go carve a binder out of stone and figure out how to make a three hole punch wide enough for steaks. And then there’s the fact that I always preferred college-ruled to wide-ruled, and they just don’t make college-ruled grills. Hmm, maybe this is a brilliant new product idea, perfect for those who like to eat their words.

In any case, I grilled some boneless chicken breasts and zucchini, and they were delicious and flammable. First, the chicken is marinated in a hefty dose of Jamaican jerk sauce. Entirely too hefty for my taste buds, as it turned out. This is also why I should actually taste the things I put on food before I glop on a giant pile. Too bad that takes away from the mystery and excitement of having no idea how your food is going to taste until you actually sit down to eat it. And then comes the zucchini. I was sensible at first, drizzling a bit of olive oil on it, plus some garlic and a few other nefarious seasonings. Then I was like, “Hey! I bet zucchini with jerk sauce would be AWESOME!” And then my mouth caught on fire.

grilled chicken and succhini

Aside from the whole burning thing, though, everything was really good. I seriously didn’t know zucchini could be prepared in such a way that didn’t make it slimy and weird, so this was quite a magical experience for me. Zucchini is a vegetable that is truly intended to be grilled for maximum tastiness.

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