Luscious Grilled Elk Fajitas

I have never eaten elk before. And there was this giant chunk of elk that was screaming “EAT ME EAT ME” over and over again until I could bear it no longer. I really just didn’t know what to do with elk, though. So fajitas it was!

There were rumors on the internets that elk was gamey. So I tried to prepare it properly to combat said gaminess. Or rather, I tried to half-ass prepare it. I found one website that suggested marinading for twenty-four hours before you plan on cooking it. So I substituted “five hours” for “twenty-four hours”. I soaked the elk chunks in olive oil vinaigrette, garlic, “fajita seasoning”, onion and seasoning salt. And when the time came, I kept it company on the grill with some green peppers and onions. The elk grilled fairly quickly, which worked out well considering that the sky was in a constant state of darkening as I grilled, and I felt the first drops of rain hit me as I moved all of the food back inside. The grilled stuffs got accompanied with some chopped tomato and green onion (as well as cheese and yogurt – an excellent substitute for sour cream, incidentally).

elk fajita ingredients

So I sliced up the elk nice and thin, and happily discovered that the majority of it was medium rare, which is the best consistency of cookedness for meats to be. BTW, I just invented “cookedness”, pronounced with three syllables, as a magical new word to describe the degree of how cooked something is. In any case, this elk was anything but gamey. Were the package it came in not clearly labeled “Elk”, I would have assumed I was eating steak. Flavorful, tender, and luscious steak, to be precise. How about a closeup of all of that magically shaved elk?

Elk closeup

Maybe this just ended up being the uber-pampered elk, who sat around all day and ate bon bons while all of it’s elk brethren and sistren did all the hard work. Or it was the elk that all the other elk liked to give backrubs to. In any case, it was really good. I’ll leave open the possibility that there are other elk out there that are quite gamey, but until I try some I will continue to think that elk is luscious and magical.

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  1. Soccer Beastt (; September 27, 2010 11:07 am
  2. Sava? Oyunlar? April 23, 2011 3:41 pm

    Very nice , thanks a sharing..

  3. enumeration essay June 17, 2017 7:16 pm

    It has been often time that I have eaten the elk but the way you are telling to make it has been new for me. I am sure to give a try making this elk through your recipe from now own.