Where to find delicious Japanese food in Central Florida

A little while back Drew and I had the luck of being in Central Florida. Well, Central Florida if we’re talking latitude, here. Eastern Florida by longitudinal standards. As an aside, the only way I can remember the difference between latitude and longitude is by thinking of the slogan for some beer or another, “Change your whole latitude”, and remembering it’s all about tropical imagery. Yup. In any case, we were in Melbourne, Florida, which is just a little bit south of the Cape Canaveral area. On Drew’s recommendation, we went to this Japanese restaurant called Miyako’s.


If you like Japanese food and are within a few hour’s drive of this place, you should totally go out of your way and eat there. Drew got the sukiyaki and I got something I don’t remember at all. It had fish, and tasty things that were not fish, all simmered in a bowl and served with rice. Everything was light and flavorful, and I consumed mushrooms. This (my eating mushrooms, that is) is a pretty rare occurrence, here. However, I could not say no to mushrooms that were as cute as these mushrooms were, they were just calling out to me to be eaten! It also helped that they did not taste like your standard pizza mushrooms or salad mushrooms, both of which, incidentally, are repulsive.

The fish was delish and it made quite a dish!

Anyhow, I really wish that Miyako’s was the sort of restaurant that would just follow me around, so I could eat there whenever the fancy struck me!

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  1. veron July 13, 2009 2:53 pm

    I have not had sukiyaki in a loooong time. This looks utterly delicious!


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