Refreshing Salads and Sandwiches

So in the interest of it being hot and summer and all, I will now post about seasonally-appropriate foodstuffs. Mmm…foodstuffs.

First off, we have a delightful salad concoction that I first tried at Drew’s cousin Amanda’s birthday party not too long ago. As it has no name that I am aware of, I shall (for this one instance, at least) refer to it as Essence of Almost Salsa Ingredients. So you zap a bag of corn and dump it in a bowl. Or, you cook corn on the cob and scrape it into a bowl of you’re really motivated. Then, you hack up several tomatoes and dump them in. Then, you do the same with avocados (two will probably be suffice, but if you’re an avocado fiend like I am, then more is always appropriate). Shred in some cilantro (or, as I have done as I did not have cilantro, use basil instead). Squirt in the juice of several limes (or squeeze in a bunch of juice from a plastic lime if you are lazy), and then grind a bunch of peppercorns on top. Mix, then consume in vast amounts. Healthy, delicious, and refreshing!

Exciting salad

As an aside, lime is really amazing to squirt on all sorts of random things that require more flavor then they currently have. This works particularly well for rice.

Also delicious is the tasty BLAT. I used to be all about a good BLT, but my world has opened up since having discovered the BLAT. Avocado and bacon are such a fabulous combo. It also makes a much better acronym as, by adding that A, you can just say the word “Blat” rather then having to say “Beee Elll Tee.” This is really convenient if you are incredibly lazy and can’t be bothered to use your mouth muscles for any significant amount of time. Or if your mouth muscles are too busy vacuuming down your delicious BLAT to be bothered with such trifles as multi-syllabic words.

BLAT /></p>

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  1. Tiffany June 30, 2009 8:32 am

    That salad and BLAT look amazing! I’ve become so addicted to avocados lately :)

  2. What I Eat, Apparently June 30, 2009 1:08 pm

    Avocados are good stuff!