Miniature Burgers of Joy

So I eat burgers on a semi-regular basis, but not hugely often, I guess about once a month. About 2/5 of these will be homemade burgers, 1/5 of them will be a burger from a delicious eating establishment a la Carytown Burger and Fries or other such places, and the last 2/5 will come from McDonalds. I’ll admit this with a bit of sadness, as I refused to eat at McDonalds for many years. It was the only job I was ever fired from, and so I engaged in some serious boycott action. However, Drew and his nefarious eating habits sucked me back in at some point or another. In any case, what we get from them usually consist of greasepods. A greasepod is a double cheeseburger (or a McDouble). It wants you to think it’s an actual burger, but in reality it pales in both comparison and taste to what a real burger is like. A greasepod is simply an effective means to transport grease into your mouth. One thing I haven’t experienced up until recently, though, is the mini-burger trend (sliders or shooters or greasepellets or whathaveyou).

I am cheap and ingredients like me to play with them, so I decided to try making them. I happened to have a lovely package of potato rolls that wanted accompaniment. Quite conveniently, I also happened to have a lovely package of ground beef hiding out in the freezer, awaiting such an opportunity. So little burgers got made, and they were indeed tasty.

Mini burgers

I rather like having smaller burgers, as it makes portion control a little bit easier. Two small burgers are a little bit less then one large burger (they way I ended up making them, at least), and so I can eat them and still have room for dessert (which is way too important to give up!). The trend itself is a curious thing, I wonder how much of it is a societal + restaurant response to the trend several years back of super-sizing things and as a response to Fast Food Nation and such. They have the appearance of being smaller portions combined with the fact that there’s probably less meat used on them then on a regular burger (thus making them cheaper to produce).

Also, do you know what the best reason is to make one’s burgers at home? Full tomato control. I personally think that tomatoes are a very integral part of a good burger. In particular, there’s something truly luscious about the mingling of beefy juices plus fresh tomato juices plus mustard. I had the experience of eating at a Ruby Tuesday recently, something I haven’t done for about four years or so. While the burger I got was good, it still ended up being lacking, due to the fact that the tomatoes on the burger were rather puny roma-like things buried in the middle of the bun. Seriously, I need full tomato coverage, I need at least 80% of that meat patty covered in tomato, otherwise it’s just not going to be truly satisfactory.

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