The Resurrection of the Doughnuts/Donuts!

How do you spell “donut”, anyhow? Growing up, I totally spelled it “doughnut” all the time, and looked down upon the lesser “donut” spelling. Thing is, it’s spelled that way everywhere! Saves ink for advertisements and such, I bet. In any case, at some point I, too, became lazy and caved to the will of the crowd, and now I, too, just spell it “donut” (which, incidentally, I’ll be doing for the rest of this post).

Grammar conundrum aside, donuts are tasty and delicious. In general, however, the longer a period of time it’s been since the donut has been made, the less it’s gonna taste. Donuts have a half-life of about a day, I’d say. This is a fact I forgot when, at Kroger late one evening, I was overcome with Donut Lust. There was this giant box of donuts, all varieties, for the mere price of $2.00. Ok, to be specific, there were actually two giant boxes of donuts, as well as one giant box of bagels, all discounted. The one that caught my eye was the one containing the donut with the blue icing with the teeny M&Ms. It was just screaming “Take me home!”. One cannot simply walk away from so affectionate a pastry!

Exciting donuts!

So I get them home, and pop open the box, prepared to engorge. And then I sink my teeth into them and realize why they were only $2 a box. Then comes Drew’s idea to the rescue: donut resurrection! I sprinkled a bit of water on top, and then microwaved until hot. The donut was toasty and luscious and delicious. Not “fresh out of the oven” delicious, mind you, but sufficiently tasty that I will likely jump on the next pile of discount donuts I see with unadulterated glee. Incidentally, they keep quite well in the freezer using this resurrection method.

BTW: Microwaved blue donut with M&Ms on top was everything I dreamed it would be and then some!

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