Mexican and Pho!

I have been exceedingly bad about posting lately. I’ve had a case of the Mondays for a little over a week now, I suppose. Well, no more! Lots of exciting food has passed my way recently, most of which I ate while not having a camera on the near vicinity, alas. Here’s a rundown:

  • I was at a booth in a craft show selling brownies and trinkets at this past First Friday, and right outside the door was this street vendor selling tacos. Near the end of a sitting and selling spree (or a sitting and not selling spree, as the case may be), my friend and I were overwhelmed with the urge to eat something that was not made of chocolate (strange as such an urge may be). So, we each got a chicken taco from this cart. So tasty! The chicken was seasoned perfectly, and the sour cream was of a perfect proportion. The latter is actually a very important quality: I’m often afraid to get sour cream on things as it generally means way more sour cream then a sane person can really deal with eating. If I ask them to go light on the sour cream, it will mean that 1/2 the taco or burrito I’m eating will have way too much sour cream, and the other half will barely have any on it at all. This taco, however, had the perfect amount. I can’t remember the name of the place, it was ” *insert name here*’s Taco Truck” where the name was either four letters or two syllables (or possibly both). Tony’s Taco Truck? Hmm…Anyhow, if you see a street vendor with a name something like that, get a chicken taco!
  • The day following this, I was overtaken by an irresistible urge to eat more Mexican food. So Drew and I headed over to La Milpa on Hull Street, near Chippenham. Apple soda! Hooray! Drew got an Inca Kola, both beverages being at reasonable restaurant soda prices, not the rather inflated “hey, this is foreign so let’s charge lots more” prices that I’ll sometimes see for Inca Kola. Drew got a combo taco/enchilada/rice plate, he rather liked the rice but found the rest to be so-so. I got a chicken burrito, and it was average. Better then mediocre, but nothing too fabulous. However, it was more then I could eat for around $5, meaning the price was definitely right for it. What I really liked about this place, though, was the hot sauce bar. There were about six different hot sauces, plus assorted other toppings (shredded lettuce, cucumber, limes, etc). I got two hot sauces in little cups, a green sauce that I was hoping would involve avocados plus a more salsa-like red sauce. The red sauce was medium spicy, good enough, and the green sauce was mild and totally made with avocados. Avocado hot sauce? Works for me. It was magical and delicious. I went up to get more limes (because limes make everything better) and decided to get hot sauce #3, a yellower one that looked as if it might involve some cheeses. So I dipped a forkful of burrito into it and chowed down. It was over a minute before I could speak again, and I felt like my eyeballs were gonna sweat out of my face for the next 20 minutes or so. I stuck to the green sauce after that.

    I’d totally go back to this place, as the prices are super cheap, and they’ve got things you don’t see so much at Mexican places around Richmond. Like menudo, which I really should try one of these days, and tacos al pastor, which are super tasty.

As I have photos to go with none of these, I shall now provide you with a picture of something else. Look, pho!


This is the closest that my half-assed pho has ever come to resembling real pho. I use the proper noodles, and then I get little pho-flavored bouillon cubes from Tan-A. I dump in bean sprouts and basil and green onion, and then I slice up some roast beef and dump that in as well. It’s really freaking good, I think at least, though I’m not exactly gonna drink the broth like I’d do with real pho. Not that I don’t love gargling buckets of sodium or anything, mind you.

In any case, I’ll be making a cake tomorrow, and I shall do nothing more then hope to avoid mediocrity in decorating it. A beautiful cake would be wonderful, but a tacky mangled cake is almost as good!

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  1. Jason G June 8, 2009 11:27 pm

    Nate’s Taco Truck

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