Two delicious places to eat if you happen to be lodged in Baltimore at some point soon

So I have recently found myself in Baltimore on multiple occasions and needing food to eat. The vast majority of my food consumption in Baltimore, the few times I’ve been there, has taken place at the Harbor Point mall in the food court. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, actually, as their food court is far better then most of the choices there are in any mall in Richmond. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a Thai noodle shop. However, we were not positioned for me to have a repeat experience of the mall eating, and thus sought out tasty restaurants. I will now blather on about two different food places we ate at which proved to be quite delightful.

After a lovely afternoon at an art museum, we got some tasty niblets to eat at Mekong Delta. The restaurant is fairly small, and there’s a nice tank of fishes to keep you company as you wait for your food. I got bun, of the pork variety, and it was fabulous, better then I’ve had at most other Vietnamese places in fact. The crushed nuts and pieces of onion on top made it especially tasty. Price was extremely reasonable, given what I ordered.

Mekong Delta food

They automatically brought us water, and it was as if they imported the water from Vietnam itself. Or possibly cleaned the fish tank recently. I still drank my water, being one who drinks out of the tap on a regular basis (as well as one who was rather thirsty), but I think I was the only one from our group who didn’t stop after one sip. Anyhow, don’t let that stop you from visiting this place. Just order a soda or something (they’ve got a fun selection of various beverages in a small fridge).

So we ended up back in Baltimore a second time for nefarious reasons (which ended up involving the same art museum, incidentally), and thus required more tasty sustenance. So we ended up at a place called Teavolve. At first I was a bit wary, as sometimes if a place has a particular focus for what they create, the things that they create that are not of that particular focus might tend to not be as good. I.e. if you go to a Chinese buffet and eat pizza, don’t expect too much. Or, if you go to a tea shop and get a wrap, don’t expect too much. This turned out to completely not be the case, as I got a seared tuna wrap and it was quite tasty. The tuna was seared perfectly, and the wrap contained edamame, which worked rather well. The accompanying spead/sauce/moisture+flavor provider was a soy/sesame-flavored sort of mayonnaise, and I wanted to flavor it with wasabi to give the wrap an extra kick. I also really wanted to add some avocado, as well as sesame seeds. The wrap was quite tasty as-is, mind you, but this would have bumped it up that extra notch to complete delight.

Teavolve seared tuna wrap

I also had a chai bubble tea, and it was magical, especially considering it was the ‘ice and liquid’ bubble tea, rather then the ‘blended to be like a smoothie’ bubble tea. I pretty much chugged it, it was so good. As an aside, I wish there were separate terms for smoothie-style bubble tea versus ice and liquid style tea, it would make it much easier when I visit a new tea place where the sort that they make is not obvious to me. Albeit, for all I know, there are terms for both, and I as a clueless gaijin simply have no clue what they are. D’oh! In conclusion, I also recommend eating at this place.

On a final note, when you eat in Baltimore, I recommend vacating the city either by about 4 in the afternoon, or waiting until later in the evening. My god the traffic is hellish. See, Richmond is tedious during rush hour, but unless there’s something crazy going on you move slowly but steadily to your destination. In DC, everyone has long ago accepted that they will move about 5 miles every hour. In Baltimore, however, everyone just seems really pissed off, of the “hey we’re just gonna sit in the middle of intersections when we’re really not supposed to” kind of way. We almost got whacked by a bus, incidentally. Oh well, at least if we’d gotten hit, I would have died with glorious tuna in my stomach.

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