My Big Fat Oozing Mediterranean Sandwich

I feel like I have discovered the ultimate in vegetable versatility. I’d been looking for some sort of Mediterranean salad to make and was a bit overwhelmed with all of the possibilities I came across online. So I decided to pick and choose things I liked from each recipe (or rather, things I already had on hand from each recipe). The outcome was delicious, and I found that it’s versatility extended far beyond just coupling it with hummus. I could dump it on a sandwich as a lettuce and tomato substitute, or dump it on some rice along with some meat to make a healthy dinner concoction. I’ve made it since then, and the basic salad consists of these: cucumber, tomatoes, onion, olive oil, lemon, garlic. All dumped in a bowl and swirled around with my fingers. As a bonus, the lemon helps me locate every cut on my fingers I didn’t realise I had! Random other things can also be added from this point, like cilantro, parsley, basil, salt and pepper, red wine vinegar, carrot, green/red/yellow pepper, etc. etc.. It’s an excellent way to use up extra vegetables when you want a cold salad-like thing!

So this time around, I made that, plus baked a pre-existing bread loaf, in the hopes of making a delicious sandwich item. Also necessary then? Hummus.


I’ve had a recent streak of bad luck with hummus lately, due to the fact that I am too stubborn to make sure it actually tastes good before I declare it done. First off, I’m really bad at following recipes, as mentioned before. I like to mix them up and see what happens. I’ve had my successes with this, and it wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it weren’t for the fact that I often judge if something is done right by how it looks rather then how it tastes. So I dump my chickpeas in a blender, and add olive oil, cilantro, garlic, and cumin powder. And then on impulse I add some yogurt, having come across a recipe a bit before that used yogurt in hummus. Anyhow, I mixed it all up, decided it was a pleasing weird green color, and slopped it into a bowl. It was … less then spectacular. Not bad, mind you, and the texture was great, but the flavor just wasn’t there. I might have needed other ingredients, or more of some of the ingredients I’ve used. I didn’t care by that point, though, as I’d already removed it from the blender by the time I’d tasted it, and was too ravenous to really want to pursue making it taste better. I suppose it’s ok, though, as it was at least better then other hummus I’ve made in the past. Coupled with the rest of the sandwich ingredients, it worked quite fine, though.

Mediterranean sandwich

Mmm… I love me a delicious and sloppy sandwich!

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  1. Giamaris June 17, 2009 2:09 pm

    The sandwich looks great. i wouldn’t mind taking a bit of that right now. When i make a sandwich i like throwing in some roasted eggplant as well. I usually roast a few and keep them in the fridge just for the occasional sandwich

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    The recipe is a good and healthy option for sandwich-lovers. I think that it is filling as well despite the lack of protein. People who are trying to lose weight or are watching their calorie intake would benefit from this recipe. Here's another great resource for sandwiches and deli fare —

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