Like the phoenix, Pizza Hut falls into the ashes only to rise again (AKA I’ve been eating too much pizza lately)

So a little while back, myself and several others ordered some pizza. When in the company of a small group of people who want pizza and are a.) almost all unemployed and b.)dislike eating crap, one’s options are limited. Delicious local pizza is a bit too pricey, and, all of us no longer being in college, Little Caesar’s has ceased to be anything close to a decent option. Pizza Hut ended up being the location of choice, partly due to my super secret spy ordering methods.

I discovered a joyous method of cheap-pizza-getting called It is super useful for finding coupons for whatever you might want a coupon for. I managed to come across a great string of coupons for getting oneself a small pile of large one topping pizzas. When ordering from the Pizza Hut website for delivery, inputting the code “65” will get you the College Special: a large one topping pizza for $6.99. You can use the code multiple times, so we added three of those (two pepperoni and one pineapple, to be precise). Next up was adding the code “IB”, which gives $3 off an online order, essentially making our pizzas 6 bucks each. After adding on taxes and delivery costs, the order ended up being a little over $20, before tip. Pretty sweet! I cannot guarantee that these codes still work, as this was several weeks ago, but it’s worth a try.

Anyhow, we get the pizzas, and I am looking forward to a delightful slice of pineapple pizza. Much to my horror, I open the box to see this travesty:

bad pizza

It’s like a little goblin had decided to suck off the excess cheese and pineapple before it was baked. A travesty indeed! By then the driver was gone, and my stomach was growling, so the pizza got eaten anyhow, but not before I took this photograph. A day or two later I wrote a strongly worded email to Pizza Hut, and included a link to the pizza. I’d generally considered Pizza Hut to be one of the better out of the conglomerate chain-type pizza places, so it annoys me when they spit out mediocre items.

After about a week or two of Pizza Hut directed bitterness, a delightful piece of mail arrived in the form of a letter from their corporate office with coupon attached…a coupon for a free pizza! All was saved! The wording of the letter itself was interesting: at no point did they admit any sort of fault in their product, they just emphasized that they wanted me as the customer to be happy. And, considering it was a “free pizza” coupon with no stipulations attached, I was happy indeed. So we used it on a stuffed crust pizza with extra cheese, tomatoes, pineapple on one half, and pepperoni on the other, and it was significantly more pleasing then the other pizza:

stuffed crust pizza

So Pizza Hut has returned to being my preferred big chain place. However, it might be awhile before I take advantage of them again. Apparently, a Ledo Pizza has opened out in Short Pump, fairly close to the Trader Joe’s with the Best Pizza Crust Ever. So, as much as I really despise driving through the Short Pump area, it might just be worth it for delightful pizza items.

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