Springtime means the quivering anticipation of BLTs

I’ll be headed out of town for several days, to enjoy whatever pleasures lie in wait in Asheville, NC. This means that I shall not be posting for several days. Thusly, I felt inspired to write a parting post, one about the joys of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.

Spring is in the air, what with the flowers and tree sperm flying everywhere and all. The suffering will not be in vain, however, as summer comes soon enough, providing large quantities of large moist shiny things for us to gnaw upon. Oh yes, I mean tomatoes. They’re the natural ally of bacon, you know. I’m very picky about where bacon belongs. One good place is in my mouth, admittedly. Nonetheless, if I get bacon on a burger I will generally eat the bacon separately, as I do not feel that they are good complements for each other. Bacon deserves it’s own place in the sun, and should not be overshadowed with other meats. That is, unless we’re talking about some beefsteak tomatoes here. Few things are more luscious then that glorious combination of bacon and tomato. They can only be enhanced by the addition of lettuce, miracle whip (or mayo for the charlatans out there) and toasted bread. It is a glorious thing, indeed.


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