This vernal equinox is best celebrated with rainbow cake!

We just finished celebrating the vernal equinox with an evening of opulence and lewd debauchery. And by this, I mean that a group of friends and I played games and ate, among other things, cake. I am always one to tack on superfluous celebrations for the sake of randomness and bonus fun, and thusly an otherwise normal evening of socializing became a grand celebration of the fact that we had a rather average amount of daylight and nighttime. Hooray! So I made cake to mark the occasion.

vernal equinox cake

Sometimes it is very necessary to celebrate an oft-overlooked holiday, simply so one has a decent excuse to use cake material. I’ve had new circle cake pans and a lovely array of food colorings that have been begging me to use them. And oh, use them I did! It was rainbow time. I wanted to make the tackiest most festive cake possible. Even better was my use of fancy silver decorating powder to give it that special sort of equinox shine!

rainbow cake

Cakes actually piss me off on a regular basis. The last time I made cake, I got cranky over something or another, fists went flying, and there is still pink icing left on the ceiling from said incident. Well, It happened again. I just got really frustrated that the frosting was not removing itself from the bag as it ought. When the bag exploded on my hand, that was it. I threw the frosting bag, sending blue frosting flying. It was a pain to clean up, and I ended up using less blue frosting on the cake then originally intended. I do not regret my actions, however. That bag was asking for it. I suppose I share some responsibility, that being listening to whatever fool article on the internet told me that you could just use a ziplock bag with a hole snipped in the tip, rather then a proper frosting bag. So deceiving! Sure, you save a little bit of time and effort by not having to clean the bag afterward, since you can just chuck it, but you’ve still gotta clean the tips anyhow, so what’s the big deal with an extra bag or two? My god, exploding blue frosting in my hand. If only I was five years old, it would have been the best thing ever.

rainbow cake slice

The cake, though Sugar Death, was pretty tasty. The consensus was the the blue was the strongest coloring, as our tongues were left blue. Only time will tell what the predominant color will be from the other end.

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  1. steve June 20, 2011 5:48 pm

    this cake looks gross

    • Internet Defender December 14, 2011 12:42 pm

      Disgusting, like your face.

      • ptocheia December 20, 2011 11:36 pm

        Aww, thanks!

  2. paper services April 12, 2017 11:58 am

    Wow that is the most sweetest cake that I have ever seen and it looks like that it is for someone special. I was wondering to order the same cake because my kids love the same color.