Lets celebrate Pi Day with some chocolate cream pi (err pie)!

Pie is a beautiful thing. So is pi, for that matter. Which is why it’s so convenient that I can celebrate both on the same day! Chocolate cream pie is an especially beautiful thing. It’s a “maximum delicious for minimum effort” kind of pie, which I greatly appreciate.

I had a pie crust I bought on discount, crushed oreo pie crust to be specific. Rumor has it that you can actually make these babies yourself, and one of these days I shall indeed experience the thrill and headrush that comes from smashing a pack of oreos and squishing them all over a pie plate. For pudding, I just use off-brand (Kroger brand, to be precise) pudding you have to cook. I eschew instant whenever I can, as the flavor of cooked pudding is far superior. I figure that if I’m gonna be lazy and eat instant pudding, I might as well go all the way and buy myself some pudding cups. Anyhow, you just follow the directions for cooking the pudding, dump it in the pie crust, then let it chill for several hours.

chocolate cream pie

The bonus, of course, is the cool whip topping. Sometimes, I’ll just gob that stuff on and wallow in it, it’s that glorious. This time, however, I was going more for the “lets make it arty, cause it’s going on the internets” kind of thing, so I was more discreet with my quantity. On impulse, I shaved on some bonus chocolate. Then I took a picture, and consumed it rather rapidly. Mmmm chocolate pie.

Now here’s something I dug up recently, something I made a few years ago but I feel the need to properly share with the world on this blog. For pie day, I made a cheesecake. But not just any cheesecake. I made a green tea cheesecake.

See, I’d figured out how to make green tea ice cream. You just get some vanilla, soften it, and mix in some powdered green tea (matcha, I think). It’s quite good. So, my big fat brain had a brilliant idea: you could totally do this with cheesecake! So I prepared a cheesecake recipe, and added some green tea powder. I was worried you wouldn’t be able to taste the green tea, so I compensated by dumping in entirely too much powder. It was…strong. Interesting, and almost good, and tasted waaay too much like green tea!

Anyhow, hope everyone has a great Pi Day!

pi day

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