Hamantaschen and their nefarious fillings

So I decided to get my hamantaschen on the other day. Which was a completely random occurrence, as up until a week prior to that I had no idea what hamantaschen were. I found myself meandering all over the internet and stumbled across them, and then I thought to myself, “Hey, I like triangles! They’re really good when they have items inside of them as well.” And thusly I was inspired to make these delicious cookies.

First, the recipe. I dunno about you, but I can’t read any of those links. I look at this site and think “Hey, little purple boxes all over the place! And red Life Savers at the top, sweet! Oh, and this nice simple recipe, methinks I shall bake it now.” The weirdness of the layout was nonetheless preferable to anything ever dredged up in the link overload of a site like cooks.com. I did actually come across a version of that same recipe page with working links, but I still prefer the erratic box page, makes life seem more exciting.


I came across different things that can go inside these babies, and I dumped all sorts of items inside them, loosely based on said suggestions, but more based on what sort of ingredients I had lying around that looked reasonably tasty. The best ones (or so I thought, at least) involved jam and nuts. Crushed walnuts, plus either strawberry or peach jam, were quite tasty. Strawberry plus chocolate chips plus nuts also worked quite well, along with strawberry and chocolate sans nuts, for that matter. An exercise in ridiculous was my attempt at the ever infamous caramel apple hamantasch. Apple butter plus a cube of caramel guarantees something that loves living in your teeth for far longer then you’d like it to! Not that it wasn’t tasty, it was simply less functional that it could have been.

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