Whereupon I reminisce about delicious sesame chicken of the days of yore

Once upon a time, there was such a thing as delicious mock sesame chicken. I could go to the local China Panda and get delicious gooey balls of joy that would melt in my mouth in their own chewy sort of way. I didn’t think of them as a mere substitute for actual sesame chicken. No, they were separate but equal, except in the good way. I would totally drink from the mock chicken water fountain instead of the chicken-only fountain on a regular basis.

However, my image of these balls has gradually been soiled. This is due to the fact that the past several times I’ve gotten the mock sesame chicken from China Panda, it has been hard rather then squishy, with far less sauce then is desirable. My disillusionment has caused me to stretch back a little further in my memory and remember a time when regular sesame chicken was the Chinese food of choice. And thusly, I knew the time had come to venture back to Huang’s.

Huang’s is a delightful Chinese place tucked into a shopping center just west of Richmond, on Broad St near Libbie, across the steet from the Target and Barnes and Noble stores. I discovered it via a roommate back in college. I had been used to eating a Chinese places that catered to the college crowd, and by “catered” I mean “places that knew they could get away with putting a few onions in some fried rice and selling it as vegetable fried rice”. No good at all! In any case, Huang’s fried rice (as well as their lo mein) was loaded with all sorts of various vegetables. Their sesame chicken was moist and flavorful and delicious. Returning there after many years, the food was, much to my pleasure, the same as I’d remembered it being.

Huang's deliciousness

One thing I hadn’t had from there before was the crab rangoon. It might quite possibly be the best crab rangoon I’ve ever had. Freshly fried, stuffed full of cheese, not to mention more crap (err, krab) then I usually experience in such a rangoon. Quite tasty! In any case, I highly recommend the place.

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One Comment

  1. thecheckoutgirl March 8, 2009 9:46 am

    I am a China Panda girl, myself. I *like* the mock and “real” sesame chicken, but I mostly like that they deliver after I’ve had a long day. I can’t wait to try this place! thanks for the recommendation!