Me and my sandwich maker friend make all sorts of delicious fun!

If there’s any one thing that I love more then life itself, it would have to be cheese. Cheese is magical, especially melty cheese. However, despite how much I’d love to do so, one cannot simply melt a bunch of cheese in a vat and scoop it up with one’s paws to deposit into one’s gaping maw. It is neither practical nor polite (depending on how one was raised, at least). Thus, one requires a vehicle for transporting the cheese into one’s mouth. My vehicle of choice is often bread.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are indeed a beautiful thing. I even have a handy dandy grilled cheese sandwich maker to do all the dirty work for me, no pan or butter or spatula needed! I got it out of the trash from the University of Richmond about 10 years ago, and it’s been serving me well ever since.

sandwich maker

I’d never really considered it’s full range of possibilities, though, until My Money Blog did a little write-up on the myriad of cost-effective lunch possibilities that are to be had with such a sandwich maker. For some reason I’d never really thought beyond cheese sandwich, aside from maybe twice doing a ham and cheese. So, being quite inspired, I made a delicious sandwich using the most viable ingredients I had lying around: some sliced roast beef, chopped green onions, chipotle sauce, and 2 slices of American cheese. I know that American cheese is cheapo plastic cheese, but I’m such a sucker for the stuff in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cheese sandwich

The sandwich came out rather tasty. And now I’m thinking of other possibilities as well. I’d like to get some mozzarella, ricotta, spinach, and marinara sauce and take a swing at making the Cheapest Calzone Ever. I’m also wondering about trying this with apple filling plus cinnamon in order to make the Weirdest Apple Pie Ever. So many possibilities!

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