Romance and Cheesesteaks and Eating Richmond!

So. In the not too long past was Valentine’s Day. Being the true romantic that I am, I decided that there was no better way to share my undying love with my significant other then by making cheesesteaks. You see, cheesesteaks embody all that is good and pure and beautiful in the world, especially when it comes to relationships. Let’s see…the bread wrapped around the sandwich represents a warm embrace. The steak represents the succulent flesh of lust. The greenness of the green pepper represents how environmentally friendly it is to, uh, live with your significant other and share things, like shower water and toothbrushes! And the cheese represents the fact that you, err, love each other so much that you wanna grow old and fatty together. Sorry, no onions in this metaphor, as me and onions don’t get along so well in cheesesteaks.

And while we’re on the subject of things I’m pulling out of my ass right now, I would like to mention that the cheesesteaks I made were not my usual half-assed attempt at making something delicious. I would call them double-assed, attempts, in fact, as I went above and beyond the call of duty for these babies! I baked the bread from some frozen dough, so it was nice and soft and warm for the sandwiches. The steak was actual chunks of steak (round? sirloin? can’t recall now), fried up with all sorts of joyous seasonings like extra garlic. Oh, and teriyaki sauce, as I was out of Worcestershire sauce and teriyaki sauce struck me as the next best thing, for some reason.

doubled-assed cheesesteak

Came out looking a bit too much like a bread bowl ‘o meat. I didn’t shape the dough exactly how it needed to be shaped to make proper buns, and then I made the brilliant decision to cut the bread right through the top rather then on the side. They tasted really good though, and were appreciated by all parties involved.

Now here’s some exciting news: there’s a new website out called Eating Richmond, which I highly recommend. A bunch of really great food related blogs from Richmond, VA (including mine) are all now in one convenient site for all of your food-reading needs!

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