When I’ve got all the pizza ingredients I need except a crust, I call on my good friend Bread

The dilemma that inevitably arises when one makes food for oneself is what to do with all of those remnant ingredients. Often I’ll simply tack them on to other recipes, or have a big ole pasta party and invite all of the leftover ingredients to come on in and play. I was in luck, however, when finished with making the pizza mentioned in my last post. I managed to only be out of crust.

So what comes next? Pizza sandwich!

pizza sandwich

I dumped on the sauce, then the cheese, then the toppings (pepperoni, pineapple, and artichoke hearts), then tomato slices, then sprinkled on some bonus cheese (parmesan, to be specific). I added lettuce after the photo was taken. It was quite tasty, ignoring the fact that the crust was entirely too hard, as I’d baked it a bit longer then necessary. Sometimes it’s hard to walk that thin line between the cheese not being melted enough and the crust getting all crispy. This was quite tasty, and I recommend it to anyone with a functional tongue.

I also made a pizza salad a day later, which was not photographed as it was visually boring and looked like every other salad I ever make. I used all of the pizza toppings as salad toppings, and just left the sauce off. This is also a very efficient means of using up pizza toppings. I still have some sauce left, as well as cheese. I’ve been slabbing the cheese between pieces of bread, microwaving it, and dipping it into sauce, also microwaved. Also tasty. Were there not any cheese, I could add some butter and garlic to some bread, toast/bake it, and then dip that into the sauce as well. The possibilities are infinite, really. And by ‘infinite’, I mean ‘as long as this post’. Mind you, I’m sure you’re quite capable of thinking up scads more uses for remnant ingredients, but my brain has since shut down due to being overwhelmed with deep lustings for more pizza-related products. So it goes.

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