The noodles that tried so hard to be pad thai, but failed (deliciously)

It’s been awhile since I’ve had real pad thai. It was the first Thai dish I ever had, and while I enjoyed it, it didn’t strike the chord of joy it could have. From there, I moved on to red curry, and it remains my habit to aggressively eat red curry every chance I get. This means that, when I visit a Thai restaurant, I will always get red curry. This cannot be helped, as red curry is delicious and compels me to eat it. I dare not disobey, lest it smite me with it’s spicy spicy paste.

In any case, it has occurred to me that I never gave the pad thai the chance it deserved. Drew loves the stuff, and I’ve been wanting to nibble on it again. Quite conveniently, Drew bought me a bottle of pad thai sauce, thus making it both cheap and convenient to nibble upon it.

So I’m at ye local Asian grocery store, and I’m looking for pad thai noodles. I do not see pad thai noodles. I have no idea what they’d look like dry, nor if the package would actually say ‘pad thai’ in a language I’d understand. I could have asked someone, but, quite unfortunately, I have rather annoying phobias regarding talking to pretty much anyone, anywhere. Well, ok, not nearly *that* bad, but certain situations do make me anxious, one of those being asking strangers for assistance.

Anyhow, part of my brain decided I’d just make do with whatever would work from my current collection of noodles. So I used some thin Vietnamese noodles, the same ones I used for that bun I made not too long ago. Those got boiled separately as I stir-fried some gluten, carrot, basil, crushed peanuts and bean sprouts in Ye Ole Wok. Then I added some of the pad thai sauce, and the noodles, flopped it all around for a bit, and then dumped piles onto plates.

Something that is similar to, but not quite, pad thai

It tasted pretty good. Didn’t really resemble pad thai but so much, though. I’ll have to do actual research next time, I suppose. Quite conveniently, the other 1/2 of the bottle sits in the fridge right now, quivering in anticipation of it’s next opportunity to be delicious.

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