It doesn’t get much better then purple chocolate chip cookies

I get super excited when I make food that’s white. This is because white food is the easiest food to dye colors. This works best, for some strange reason, with desserts. I have on many an occasion thought that it would be a fabulous idea to dye rice. For example, I think pink sushi would be superb. The fancy has yet to strike when actually making rice, however. So thus far, I’ve just made my desserts strange colors.

Which is why I made purple cookies. I really wanted these to be fluffy, so instead of using a chocolate chip recipe, I decided to get all adventurous and use a sugar cookie recipe instead. This also guaranteed softness of cookies. Too often have I made a chocolate chip cookie recipe where the cookies in the picture looked fluffy, only to have the cookies themselves be entirely hard. No good at all. In any case, I used a sugar cookie recipe, altering it slightly. I replaced about 1/3 of the regular sugar with brown sugar. It also called for a recockulous amount of butter and shortening, so I took about 1/3 of that out, and used a bit of applesauce instead. This was my first attempt at using applesauce as a butter replacement, seemed to work fine.

Then I dumped in a massive pile of stuff. Chocolate chips and walnuts, fairly ordinary there. However, I’d been building up a stockpile of remnant sugary bits from Christmas. I had little white chocolate Santas, dyed random colors, which do not do all that much for those of us who aren’t into white chocolate. So I smashed the wee bastards up with a hammer and dumped them on into the batter.

purple cookies

I was quite pleased with the result. The smashed santas even added hints of bonus coloring to the cookies. I used up the rest of some black icing on a good chunk of the cookies, which worked immensely well. Conclusions drawn from this experience? Sugar cookies work quite well with chocolate. Deliciousness comes in all colors. I like smashing things with a hammer.

frosted purple cookies

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  1. River September 26, 2010 2:06 pm

    This looks amazing, thanks for the recipe. I will try to make one on my sister’s next birthday party.

  2. essay heaven March 26, 2017 2:08 am

    To be honest nothing is better than these purple chocolate chip cookies as they were so yummy. I am really pleased to see that experiment as this is really fantastic and I would definitely try this.