Mediterranean Pile of Stuff

I got some Lebanese food at this restaurant a little while back. Some really freaking good Lebanese food. Which, of course, got me all inspired to make some Mediterranean food. Now here’s the thing: I’m simply not very knowledgeable about different types of Mediterranean food. I know that some countries have very similar dishes to other countries, and there are often similar ingredients used for different dishes in different countries, but beyond that, I’m clueless. Thus, it’s why I decided to make the much more generic-sounding Mediterranean food, rather then Lebanese food. The inspiration was led by my stomach, rather then my brain, so instead of doing actual internet research on recipes to make that would allow me the privilege of saying I was making Lebanese food, I simply piled items together that seemed functional, this making something a little more generic, but nonetheless still rather tasty.

In any case, here’s how it went down. I bought some pitas. I also bought a giant container of shawarma seasoning. I did not know that such a seasoning existed as an actual product. This might have to do with my being rather dense/ignorant as, after all, curry seasoning exists, and that’s just as much of a conglomeration of ingredients as shawarma seasoning would be. Anyhow, I already had some remnant turkey lying around, chock full of juices, so I just dumped a bunch of shawarma seasoning in with the turkey, plus a bit of parsley, mixed it up, and zapped that baby in the microwave.

Next came a giant pile of vegetables. I will call it half-assed fatoush/greek salad. It was thrown together based on past experience eating/making such things, using what I happened to have on hand. Essentially, in involved chopping up tomatoes, an onion, some cucumber, and parsley, and dumping it into a bowl along with garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice. This all gets mixed up. Oh, and I might have added in some shawarma seasoning, as I was super excited about it.

And finally, we have the dairy glob. A better name would be tzatziki sauce or simply yogurt sauce. I started with a giant pile of yogurt, adding in garlic, chopped cucumber, lemon juice, and olive oil. Oh, and more shawarma seasoning. Did I mention that I was super excited about it?

Mediterranean foodstuffs

In any case, everything was piled delightfully together into a pita, rolled, and promptly wedged into my gaping maw. Quite tasty, indeed.

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