Tuna Steaks and Misc Rice and Bad Photoshop Art

In honor of it being both the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allen Poe’s birthday as well as Martin Luther King Jr. day, I will make a post using ‘arty’ pictures. It’s such a shame to delete a mediocre photo, and this is what Photoshop is for!

In any case, a little while back I got to gently sear some delightful tuna steaks for dinner. Christmas tuna steaks, I might add. See, Drew understands my needs to get copious amounts of food as presents. So, he gave me some very nice tuna from Ellwood Thompsons (ye local overpriced organic grocery store), which rested in the freezer until recently. They thawed, and I almost but not quite resisted the urge to begin gnawing on them raw. This is the sort of thing that, when out of context, seems like it should be rather normal. I mean, I love sushi and have no qualms about munching on some raw fish. However, I suspect that if I were in polite company and whipped out a package of raw fish, ripped it open and began gnawing on it (err, after rinsing it, of course), that this might prove to be rather nutty and/or scandalous. The ideal beverage to accompany this scandalous method of eating tuna would be blue Koolaid served in a Windex bottle. This is one of those ideas I thought was genius back in middle/high school. Never got around to trying it, though, due to laziness, lack of desire to clean a bottle of Windex that thoroughly, and the difficulty in locating blue Koolaid. The closest I got was filling an empty bottle of hairspray with water and squirting that in my mouth. Which served the purpose just as well, I suppose.

But I digress. Look, tuna!

Big Tuna!

The tuna appears cooked all the way, but I can assure you that it was lightly seared at most. I like it still cold in the middle, if at all possible. Before frying, I usually rub on some wasabi and soy sauce, and then dump more of this mixture on afterward. Mmm…tuna. Good for all things tuna-related.

Also, bonus photo! Awhile ago I made rice-related something or another. Fried rice, I do believe. This photo looked rather bad, and then my good friend Photoshop helped out. Now it looks bad in a totally different way!

bad photoshopped rice!

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One Comment

  1. essayyard reliable March 20, 2017 12:36 pm

    Even though the photography is not good but I can look at the tuna fish and rice so clear that my mouth got watered. It was really gleeful to see that you are sharing your little moments with like with the help of blogging.