Chili, as it’s rather chilly out

There’s nothing good to heat you up like a big ole pile of spicy beans!

To be perfectly honest, I have a rather narrow view of chili. First off, I find it rather baffling that there are some variants of chili that are designed to be dumped on top of hot dogs. To me, this is crazy and nutty and all sorts of wacky, and I feel like I would be insulting my hot dog by dumping a completely different meat all over it. Nope, I much prefer eating my chili out of a bowl, with a spoon.

Apparently, it’s also considered common by some people to dump sour cream and cheese all over their chili. While I have attempted this once or twice, I in general avoid this practice and stick to eating the chili au natural. See, the majority of chilis seem to mostly comprise of meat, beans, and grease. I feel that chili is already quite sufficiently lubed with fat and grease, and should have no problem sliding down my gullet and through all of my various tubes and holes without a problem. The sour cream and cheese are just superfluous. That, and when it’s so cold all I feel like doing is sitting in a lump anyhow, the last thing I need to eat is something that’s approximately 89237892374 calories a bowl.

In any case, my preferred chili to make is bastardized vegan chili.

pot o chili

See, I got this vegan chili recipe from my friend Vanna. It calls for all the standard chili ingredients like canned tomatoes and kidney beans and onions, as well as the occasional chili ingredients of green pepper and corn. It also calls for TVP (textured vegetable product?), but I decided to get all crazy and put in something different.

You know what’s one of the most exciting things ever? Ground chicken. This stuff is crazy! It feels like you’re eating beef, but it tastes like chicken! Simply glorious. It is genius.

In any case, ground chicken goes excellent in chili. Included are also cumin, garam masala, chili powder, and other things that will not get listed due to the fact that, as it is rather cold outside, I am not motivated to make the effort to leave my seat in order to read the recipe. But, as it’s too cold for anyone to actually put forth the effort to make the recipe, it’s all good.


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